Holiday Traditions Vary Among Scholars

November 22, 2016


By Emily Garcia

Black Friday is a time where families get together and shop till they drop, literally. With the big holiday coming up, scholars were asked about their traditions and how they get it all done.

“We have a very organized Black Friday every year,” said freshman Lauren Gallegos. “On Thanksgiving, we make sure to eat early so that afterwards my mom can give everyone’s kid in the family the ads so they can circle what they want. After this my mom and I head out, do all the Christmas shopping, and normally don’t come back home until noon on Friday or so.”

Gallegos said the tradition is fun — she and her cousins hang out all night and often stand in line for her mother. Friday morning, they all come home and sleep.

James and Isabella Sanchez, sophomores at ASK, feel that their Black Friday traditions are extremely overwhelming. “After Thanksgiving dinner our family gathers around the living room with all the store magazines that they have collected over the week with the sales on them. We then pick and choose which stores we will be going to based on the best sales.” She said she and her family wake up at about midnight on Thanksgiving and head out to the stores. “We usually go to Best Buy, Walmart, Ulta, and different places for each family member.”

Plenty of scholars participate in Black Friday deals with their families, friends, and loved ones, however, there are some who plan to stay home because of their fear of possibly getting hurt.

Sophomore Micah Brodie says he is one of the many who is scared of getting hurt during the massive annual sale. “I honestly enjoy the online shopping on Black Friday more than actually going out, but I do sometimes worry that if I do participate in the big Black Friday traditions that I might get hurt. People tend to get crazy at that time, so for me it’s best to not take part.”

Many people love their family traditions, whether it be Thanksgiving or Black Friday. 



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