All About Dual Enrollment

October 13, 2016

The Zoetics

By Noelle Hoenig

Dual enrollment is the process of being enrolled in college-level courses while simultaneously earning both high school and college credits.

At the ASK Academy, dual-enrollment is offered for colleges such as Central New Mexico community college and the University of New Mexico as courses that are taken during a scholar’s own time, and now can be taken as a class at ASK during regular school hours. Two managers, Danielle Plomaritas and Nevelyn Headrick, run dual-enrollment courses through the Academy. Plomaritas teaches dual-enrollment Anatomy through CNM and  Headrick teaches Computer Science through UNM.

Stephen Howden, achievement coach and guidance counselor at the ASK Academy, said there are many benefits to choosing the dual enrollment option.  “A student can earn enough college credits prior to high school graduation to be classified as a sophomore his or her first year of college,” said Howden.

Along with receiving credits, scholars enrolled are technically college students and are entitled to the benefits offered by the colleges. In the case of Plomaritas’ anatomy class, the enrolled students have available to them anything that CNM offers their students. “They [scholars] can go and set up appointments to talk about financial aid options, a free city bus pass, etc. So anything that CNM offers their students, our students are also able to do.”

There are circumstances where taking dual-enrollment may not help a scholar in furthering their education. ASK sophomore Makeila Maguire has already been in dual-enrollment classes and is currently enrolled in the dual-enrollment class for anatomy.  “Dual enrollment classes can be more challenging and time-consuming; we have additional responsibilities and assignments and they must be taken seriously as they not only count as a high school credit but also are part of your permanent college record and GPA.”


Along with the extra work, dual-enrollment scholars are also subject to ASK guidelines along with CNM/UNM guidelines.  Dual-enrollment classes are meant to be taken seriously.


To sign up for the courses at CNM, a student needs to apply to be a student at CNM (selecting dual enrollment) and do the associated application processes  (the online orientation and parent signature page).  Then they need to take the placement test called the ACCUPlacer. Depending on the score, students can take certain classes. The state of New Mexico will pay for high school students to take college courses beginning in 10th grade and they can take up to 18 credit hours per semester. UNM requires the scholar to be a high school junior or senior, and acquire a certification and a recommendation of the high school as well as proof of parental consent prior to participation. Scholars also need to  fill out the UNM Admission application, completed State Request Form, official high school transcript, and  completed  Student Information Release Proxy Form.

If scholars are considering dual-enrollment courses, consult with guidance counselor Howden to make a plan of action and visit CNM/UNM websites to get more information. The deadline to sign up for this semester has passed, but there is always next year.



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