Fall Fest Sessions to Fill Up Quickly

September 29, 2016

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Last year’s Fall Fest included a trip to the Watermelon Ranch

By Faustina Crum

Fall Fest has become an annual ASK activity, and on October 20, middle and high school scholars will once again leave their classrooms and learn, bond with managers,, and display school spirit in the surrounding community. Fall Fest is a day where all managers get to host a field trip of their choice; scholars sign up to go on the day-long trip, based on their interests.

“Fall Fest was something that was started by the founders in 2012 in order for scholars to be able to understand more about what project managers are passionate about, and to create a connection with the scholars and managers by introducing them to these places and activities,” said Project Manager Janisse Vazquez, who is running this year’s Fest. “We will try everything to make Fall Fest enjoyable, but in order for that to happen they must show positive behaviors for the next weeks or they will not be able to participate in off-campus activities. We want them to represent The Ask Academy, wherever they are in community, in a positive way.”

Managers at Ask Academy help students experience something new and exciting every day, yet the schedule is always the same. Fall Fest gives everyone a day to break out of the monotony,  and creates a whole new way of learning.

“To get the opportunity to go off campus and experience these various activities is important because it is a time where students can bond and create friendships; I don’t believe that I would have met a lot of people that I have if I didn’t participate in Fall Fest my freshman year,” said senior Zachary Gaspar. “I mean, it’s not every day you get to go to a cadaver lab, like we did one year.”

“It definitely sets us apart from other schools,” said senior Isaiah Gonzales.

Getting off campus allows students to create memories they never would have experienced if they were in a classroom. “My favorite part of Fall Fest is being able to get off campus to have that time with scholars in a different setting and being able to introduce scholars to new things,” Vazquez said.

The activities must have both an educational and entertaining component, in order to engage the students. “All the field trips have to have an educational aspect embedded in it, but managers try to make it as fun or adventurous as possible,” said senior Andrew MacKenzie.

“Managers can pick almost anything as long as it relates to something with education, and so far what the managers have picked out are fabulous,” Vazquez states.

In the past, managers have taken scholars hiking up the La Luz trail, spent a day with dogs at the Watermelon Ranch, headed to the UNM cadaver labs, toured the South Valley and the historic Barelas neighborhood, and gone fishing, horseback riding, snorkeling and rollerskating. Two managers took a handful of scholars to San Antonio, Texas two years ago for the Fest.

“Doing these trips are important because it is good to get out and stop focusing directly on school and stress, but more on the educational activities that will relieve stress,” MacKenzie said.

This year’s Fall Fest catalog was handed out
today, and the session sign-up sheet will be emailed to all scholars tomorrow during middle school lunch and Career Pathways. The sessions are on a first come, first serve basis and fill up fast.


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