Dennis Uniform Pants No Longer Only Option

September 29, 2016



Photo by Emily Garcia –Scholars walk through the halls of ASK in Dennis Uniform Pants. Administration is no longer making Dennis pants mandatory. Scholars will still receive an infraction if they are not wearing pants that fit the criteria of the dress code.

By Emily Garcia

News has spread across campus that the Dennis Uniform pants are no longer the only allowable uniform pants at ASK. According to Assistant General Manager Daniel Barbour, as long as the pants follow uniform standards, scholars will not receive an infraction.

Last year in late spring, scholars received news that they would be required to purchase specific black and khaki pants from the Albuquerque store Dennis Uniform. Before the 2016 school year, scholars have been required to wear ASK Academy polos, but could choose khaki or black pants that best fit them. The news of a one vendor option caused plenty of controversy.

According to comments made in the classrooms and hallways, the vast majority of scholars are not happy about the school’s decision of adding pants into the policy. When The Catalyst reviewed the 2016 Scholar Handbook, it doesn’t explicitly say that Dennis Uniform pants are required. On page 35, the uniform policy reads, “Allowable colors of pants/slacks are khaki and black and should be purchased from an approved ASK vendor.” The “should” in the sentence implies that it is not mandatory that the Dennis Uniform pants be worn, only a suggestion. This can be interpreted as pants are suggested to be from the ASK vendor, but not required.

Barbour agreed that the word “should” is ambiguous and that administrators are no longer going to require that the pants be specifically  from Dennis Uniform. “I am going to have to address the word should,” he said. “The uniform pants do not need to be from Dennis, but the pants you choose to wear do need to follow the uniform policy: Not too tight, no sweats, denim, sagging, leggings, etc.”

10th grade scholar Makeila Maguire said she is aggravated about the news. “I believe that they should stick with the Dennis Uniform pants. I don’t think it was sufficient to have all the scholars buy pants, and then have the rule be suddenly changed. I personally do not care either way if we are allowed to wear pants or the Dennis Uniform pants, but I would say it would work better if they stuck with it. I think after the final decision was made, it should not have been changed.”

General Manager Daniel Busse said that the policy was changed after a final discussion with school attorneys.  “When we got to the point of where I refused to do an out-of-school suspension because of the pants, is when we decided we do not want to cross a line that didn’t need to be crossed. When we contacted our attorneys, they told us that we cannot force any scholar to only buy their pants from one vendor. We, being who we are, when somethings goes wrong we look to the future to see what we can do to change.”

He explained that administrators are doing all they can to eliminate the issues. “At this point everybody should be wearing their uniform pants and people who are not will be called down to the office. The issue is not in the people who are just waiting for their pants to arrive, it is the people who refuse to buy and wear their pants. We also understand and are helping the scholars who cannot afford their pants,” he said.

He also said scholars have no issue with wearing their uniform polos – and he expects the same with the pants. “This is the expectation, please meet it. Remember this is a school of choice, when people say they won’t do it (wear the pants) they are disobeying the expectations and we won’t have that. It’s not only breaking the rules, it is being defiant and creating an issue that is not needed.”

Uniform pants can be found in the uniform section of various stores and web sites. Not all black and khaki pants qualify as appropriate pants. Here are some examples of pants that would be appropriate:  Aeropostale  Walmart  Old Navy  JCPenney.

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One Comment on “Dennis Uniform Pants No Longer Only Option”

  1. Karl Lukes Says:

    $35 * 4 = $140 Per scholar spent on pants
    $140 * 470 = $65,800 Dollars spent on dennis pants


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