Goodbye From Our Seniors: When All Else Fails, Keep it Simple

May 5, 2016

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As seniors begin wrapping up their last few days as ASK Scholars, we asked a few of them to leave some parting words of wisdom for the underclassmen. Johanna Poirier reflects on advice that she got from former project manager Mr. Nance.

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Dear underclassmen,
The first thing you should know, when it seems that maybe things aren’t looking up and you are failing your classes, DON’T GIVE UP!!! You should always try your best, on everything — homework, tests and class work.
For all you perfectionists out there, just turn in your best. Don’t try and be perfect, because in a lot of cases you are not going to be perfect. Another thing, talk to your managers; most are willing to help you out and work with you as long as you give an effort. Some managers will even encourage you.
Friends are important and hold true to who you are. My friends ended up being my shoulder to cry on and they would make me laugh. Find a group you fit in with and try and to stick with them; if you have a couple of groups, even better. I had a few and in some way or another I could always rely on them. Your friends get you through difficult times in school, in home life, and whatever else happens. They will make you laugh and cheer you on when you need that moment, sometimes to the point where you can’t breathe because you are laughing so hard.
I also really want to encourage you to stay true to yourself.  It wasn’t until I got to ASK that I truly felt I fit in, but even in the worst times I tried to stay true to myself and it got me far.
One last thing — in the words of the former manager who taught me the most: K.I.S.S- keep it simple stupid.
Johanna Poirier
Class of 2016 Graduate


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