Goodbye From Our Seniors: Fitting In Does Not Matter

May 5, 2016

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As seniors begin wrapping up their last few days as ASK Scholars, we asked a few of them to leave some parting words of wisdom for the underclassmen. Below, Sadina Tarbox reflects on the lessons she has learned at ASK.

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Attending The ASK Academy was an overall amazing experience for me, in which I

grew into who I am now. My previous years of high school I attended two very different high

schools. My freshman year I struggled with my identity, lost in the sea of public school. I did not

know what I believed in, and I felt as if I did not belong anywhere. Looking back on my

freshman year I laugh, I did not realize how ignorant I was. If there were something I could tell

my freshman year self, I would remind myself to love myself, and acknowledge that the people

in my life care for me. I would tell myself that it’s ok if people think you’re weird, and not to

waste time chasing threads of friendship. I would encourage myself to stay strong, that the pain

is not something to regret, but to use as a positive tool. I would also tell myself to stop moping

around and live life to the fullest and enjoy high school, because it goes by fast.


This leads into the most important thing I learned in high school: I do not need to be

accepted by society’s standards, and I should not aim to live up to them. I have always seemingly

struggled with “fitting in.” What I’ve realized in my years at ASK is that I actually do not want

to “fit in” to society. I am an individual with my own experiences and interests, and those who

accept me for who I am are the only ones worthwhile in my life. Through this I have also learned

to accept others in the same way I want to be accepted, as an individual. Having an open mind

and tolerance is fundamental to my beliefs and who I am.


I have learned many skills that I will use in college, but the skills I learned in my English

classes will probably aid me the most. I can now write an essay easily in fifty minutes, and I do

not dread writing essays nearly as much as I did before. In college I will have to write for – most

likely – every single course I take. The skills I learned in English will greatly ease the stress of

writing 10-page papers on a regular basis.


Activities and clubs I was involved in during high school had quite the positive effect on

me. They forced me to become more social with others and become better with public speaking

and being comfortable in a public setting. Through Drama Club especially, I had the opportunity

to express my creativity as well as reach out to others on an emotional level. I greatly appreciate

the opportunities given to me throughout high school, and while I will be moving on to college, I

will treasure the experiences I had and the friendships made. I truly wish that there was a way

you could know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.


Sadina Tarbox

2015 Yearbook Editor


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