Google Helps Scholars Travel the World With a Pair of Goggles

February 4, 2016

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By Sofia Lamberto

Today, ASK scholars were given the opportunity to tour various places around the world without leaving campus. Google Expeditions is a virtual reality platform built for educators and students, that allow people the opportunity go on hundreds of virtual field trips — whether it be to space, the Taj Mahal, or the depths of the oceans — through only an android app and a pair of Google Cardboard goggles. The app gives the user the ability to explore a three-dimensional image with a full 360 degree view.

Manager Krista Pink found out about the program through a professional Twitter page for educators; she contacted Google who sent a representative to ASK to share their technology. “At first, we were going to have to cancel because of the move, but Mr. Busse and Mr. Barbour were so enthusiastic and excited to bring this to our scholars that we were able to do it,” Pink said.

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A survey was emailed to every scholar who participated in the expeditions; through these surveys and the feedback she receives from ASK scholars, Mrs. Pink will be able to determine whether the supplies needed to engage in the activity can be brought to the Academy for  everyday use. “The supplies are relatively inexpensive to buy, and we could even ask scholars to bring in any old android devices for us to use,” Pink said.

ASK junior Brandon Cothern-Carillo was impressed with the field trip, saying that he was able to check a few things off his bucket list today. “The device gave you knowledge of the world, and really, everything is within our grasp with today’s technology. I was able to see so many places in the world, in detail, without leaving my chair.”

However, not all scholars were as impressed with the experience. Senior Mia Trujillo said, “ It would have been a lot cooler if we were able to move around more, rather than look at a still image. It kind of reminded me of a viewfinder that I had when I was little.”

Pink said she was pleased with the day.

“I loved to see the scholars engage with the different settings; with this technology the Academy will really be able to combine their different school subjects in an engaging way,” Pink said.


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