Japan Trip Needs More Scholar Participants

December 11, 2015


By Milee Smith

Anime, sushi, Shinto shrines, Land of the Rising Sun —  all of these cultural aspects are a part of Japan.

In June of this year, ASK Academy scholars have the opportunity to take a trip to Japan with sponsor Kim Pierce. The trip will consist of traveling to the five different locations throughout Japan — Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima.

Thus far, only one scholar, Victor Mangiacapra, has confirmed that he is going; there are about three of four others who may go, Pierce said.

The cost of the trip is $4,610 dollars, and pays for the hotels, transportation, airfare, regional styled foods, guided sightseeing, entrances, a full time tour guide, and expert local guides.

The tour will last for eight days, beginning on June 6 and going through June 14. Scholars will fly overnight into Tokyo. The third day there the group will take a guided tour of Tokyo and visit the Ginza district, Imperial palace, Odaiba City, and the Metropolitan Government Building in the Shinjuku District. They will also visit the Meiji Shinto Shrine, Asakusa Kannon Temple, and explore Akihabara.  On the fourth day there the group will take a walking tour of Shibuya and Arajaku. Next they will participate in the cultural activities by meeting local Japanese students or going to an origami lesson.

The fifth day in Japan the tour will lead the group to travel to Kamakura, to see the Hachimangu Shrine and the Great Buddha before traveling to Hakone. At Hakone they will then spend the night at a traditional Japanese inn, which is called a ryokan.

On the sixth day the group will then move to Owakudani and enjoy some free time on their own before moving on to Hakone National Park followed by the group taking a cruise on Lake Hakone. Next the group will take a cable car up Mount Komagatake. The tour will stop for a photo at Odawara Castle where they will then travel on a bullet train to Kyoto.

Continuing with the seventh day, the group will take a guided tour of Kyoto and look at  Nijo Castle, the Gold Pavilion, a Kimono Show, and visit the Inari Taisha Shrine.

On the eighth day the group will take a guided tour of Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, and have time to explore. Finally on day nine the group will then travel to Osaka before leaving Japan for home.

Scholars are encouraged and still able to sign up for the trip, which is working in conjunction with Mrs. Janisse Vazquez’s World Travel Club, which  helps raise money for both the Japanese trip as well as a future trip to Europe. To be in World Travel Club, a scholar must have a GPA of 2.5. Recently, the club sold wreaths, and plans to host a car wash.

Ms. Pierce said she hopes more scholars sign up to go on the trip. “I hope that we at least get six people,” she said.


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