Scholars Get a Fright From First Movie Night

November 30, 2015


By Max De Jong

On a cold November night, ASK Academy scholars crowded into the Commons, and when the lights went out, scholars huddled for warmth under the blankets they brought from home, a hush fell over the room as the film Poltergeist illuminated across the wall of the commons,

This month, movie night was sponsored by Ask’s scholar government. Ms. Pink, the sponsor of scholar government, was the hostess of movie night, and  she proudly states that, “ the scholar government did an excellent job!”

The main focus behind movie night is to engage and entertain scholars outside of school hours. Even after much preparation for the movie night, Anjelo Speaker, a freshman at Ask, says that, “The location could have been better, but we don’t have a ton of options, so other than that, it was pretty cool”.

Another freshman, Joshua Poole said, “It kinda was short , they could have played 2 movies.”

Along with the movie, scholar government also provided popcorn, drinks, and a variety of different candies to set the movie mood.

Though movie night was an overall success, scholar council hopes to further improve the movie nights based on the preference of the scholars. Ms. Pink, said that, “The scholar government would love to hear from the Scholars for any suggestions to improve future movie night and other events. They can place comments in the suggestion boxes located in the offices on each floor.”

Overall, movie night was an audience pleaser. About 20 scholars, ranging from freshmen to seniors, came out to enjoy the after hours entertainment. “I was surprised that many of the scholars had not seen the original Poltergeist and it was still very scary, in a 80’s kind of way,” said Ms. Pink.

Similar to scholar council, In the near future, anime club plans to host another movie night. The date of the next movie night has not yet been decided.

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