Last Year’s MS Dance Committee Faced Numerous Roadblocks

November 3, 2015

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Middle School scholars during last year's dance. The first middle school dance committee meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at lunch.

Middle School scholars during last year’s dance. The first middle school dance committee meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at lunch.

By Milee Smith

ASK High school scholars had a Halloween dance this past weekend, and now some middle schoolers are asking when they will get to have a dance of their own. It doesn’t appear that there is an actual committee.

Chrisanna Lane, Attendance Specialist and head of the Activities Calendar, is in charge of keeping track of all the clubs on campus. She said last week, “Officially, there is no dance committee.”

She said there were no members who were a part of the dance committee at this moment in time. “There are none today, but there might be some tomorrow.”

Eighth grade manager Mrs. Bethke said she helped with the middle school dance committee last year, and plans to be the sponsor this year, but is not in a rush to begin.

“We usually don’t start until November.” She also said, “We need more people. Last year I had to clean up by myself. I am not doing that again, I have more important things to do.”

The dance committee was unorganized and stressful, said Noel Hoenig, a freshman who was part of the middle school committee last year. She said there were multiple problems with the money, the sponsor, and the committee itself.

“The biggest problem was because they (middle schoolers) wanted to come in and put opinions in, but they did not want be part of the process that is needed to accomplish the dance. Like raising the money,” Hoenig said.

Money was another issue. A committee member bought some supplies for the dance out of their own pocket, Hoenig said. The scholar wanted to be paid back, but there was no money to reimburse the scholar. At one of theses meetings there was “almost a screaming match in the hallways.” Eventually in the end the scholar did get reimbursed.  

But after this incident Hoenig said, “more than half the dance committee quit.”

The sponsor was also not there most of the time. “Mrs. Sewards gave us free reign, but when we planned we could not do anything because she was not there,” Hoenig said. This caused a lot of miscommunication. 

Another roadblock that the middle school dance committee faced was that everyone tried to take control. Or in Hoenig’s words everyone was “bossing people around on what to do, but not doing anything themselves.”

Last year there were only two dances, one where the dance committee was on their own and the other one when they were reorganized.

Update: The first meeting is planned for tomorrow at lunch in Room 205. Scholars interested in joining are encouraged to attend. The first middle school dance is scheduled for November 19. 


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