Eighth Graders Prep for Next Year by Deciding on Pathway

October 27, 2015

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Photo by Emily Garcia Eighth grade scholars prep for high school by deciding their pathway.

Photo by Emily Garcia
Eighth grade scholars prep for high school by deciding their pathway.

By Emily Garcia

There has been a fair amount of conversation around campus  about which tracks this year’s eighth graders will choose for their high school education. Their decision will allow them to form new interests and help them decide a career path. Whether choosing engineering and design, biomedical sciences or both, these tracks will keep scholars busy with projects and assignments throughout the year, and help prepare them for what is to come in college.

Four out of five scholars that were interviewed have chosen the engineering pathway. Skyler Stanford is ecstatic for his track. “I plan on going into engineering because I like that I am able to take things apart and then put them together again, especially computers.”

Patrick Werick finds engineering more fun than biomedical sciences, “Engineering is way more fun, I think it’s because you get to build things.”

The pathway is not just exciting for the male population on campus.

Eighth Grader Majestik Tafoya is looking forward to entering into the engineering pathway. “Engineering is really fun. I am not one to enjoy biomed so I plan on going into engineering.”

ASK offers a biomedical sciences pathway as well. Eighth grader Christina Heitz-Canales is planning on going into the biomedical sciences track, “I have always been interested in zoology and marine biology – well, anything with animals –  and I am interested in learning more and more about animals.”

For the incoming freshmen who cannot decide which pathway to choose,  ASK allows scholars to choose both fields as an option. Tiger Gutierrez is one who might follow both pathways. “I’m preparing for high school by paying attention in class and studying more,” he said.  Lots of students are taking proper precautions to make sure they do well in high school.

Alex Levandowski is ready for high school, “I’m studying more, paying more attention to my grades, organizing, and making sure my work gets done and turned in on time.”

Tafoya comes in every Friday to help get ready. “I stay after school all the time and I come in almost every Friday to study and get tutoring.”


Photo by Emily Garcia

Photo by Emily Garcia

Skyler Stanford is“working his booty off” in preparation for high school. “My parents have me study for about an hour or two even if I don’t have homework. I also have been watching High School Musical, you know, to get some good expectations on what high school is really like.”

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  1. Megan Cowherd Says:

    I’ve got some bad news for ya, Skyler.


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