Fall Fest: Two Sides of the Picture

October 20, 2015

Culture, The Zoetics

Alex Miera’s stop motion movie, created during her Fall Festival Session.


By Robert Hershman

ASK Academy’s annual field trip appeals to the interests of a variety of scholars. Every year on a single chosen day, scholars are offered a variety of outside learning experiences, chosen based on the interests of  their project managers. This year’s options included Fly Fishing, Bowling, Stop-Motion filming, Watermelon Ranch, UNM Campus Medical, ACT Boot Camp, Santa Fe Art and Culture, and The Next Big One.  

On the administration side, it is a stressful process to plan Fall Fest. Managers have to decide where they want to take scholars, get approval from the administration, send purchase requests to Melanie Feger, an administrative assistant at ASK. Busses, trains, and vans have to be sorted out, and permission slips have to be signed.

But it is worth it. Relationships between scholars and managers grow during the trip, because interests are shared.

Sophomore Cole Jensen went on the bowling trip with Mr. DeGroot. “I haven’t really gone bowling before, so I learned how to bowl, which made it an even better experience for me.  If I had the chance I would definately go again,” he said.

Mr. DeGroot agreed that despite Fall Festival being difficult to plan for teachers, it is worth it. “Ten Pins lost my reservation for bowling which made it stressful,” he said. “I like Fall Fest though, because I can share my interests with the scholars.”

Fly Fishing with Mr. Hostetler, Mr. Barbour and Mr. Stephenson was a highlight for some scholars. “. It was all new to me, but it showed me a whole new aspect of fishing as a whole. I never actually knew what Fly Fishing was before I went on the trip, but learned how it’s completely different from the regular rod fishing,” said sophomore Josias Valdez. “I think it was one of the best trips this Fall Fest.”

Some scholars that stayed on campus for Fall Fest participated in the Stop Motion activity, led by former longterm CAD subsititute Mr.Berry. Stop Motion was an activity that consisted of learning the history of Stop Motion, and then creating films with objects.  Freshmen Alexandria Miera created a PacMan Stop Motion film that won the most votes. “I was thrilled to win the Stop Motion competition; I was unfamiliar with Stop Motion so it made it quite hard for me to do. I would forget to move or take away an object for the next shot,” said Miera.

The group of scholars that went to Watermelon Ranch spent the afternoon with animals. Sophomore Mckenna Cope said, “My trip to Watermelon Ranch was fun and was the best.  I understood how they took care of the animals at the ranch.”

Senior Justice Gonzales stayed on campus for the  ACT Prep course, led by Ms. Shimada. The scholars who attended the program wanted extra practice for the real test. Many of them were juniors and seniors. “I went because I wanted to practice, it helped me in areas that I was weak in.  It consisted of tests in the regular four subjects: English, Math, Science, and History,” Gonzales said.

Some scholars thought that this year’s Fall Fest had a few glitches. Senior Regina Romero was upset because she was not able to get into the activity she wanted.  She said there seemed to be less activities, and less room in each activity. “I wanted to get into the fishing trip with some friends, but we couldn’t because it filled up really fast. We didn’t make it by like, .9 seconds. That was upsetting.”

Romero said Fall Fest has typically been fun in the past, but this year it seemed disorganized. Although she is a senior and this will be her last year participating, she recommends that next year there is “More organization and higher cap limits on activities, because a lot of people were let down.

She would also like to resurrect the exclusive seniors trip. “In the past years we have always had special trips for seniors, but this year we didn’t have one. That was disappointing.”

Mr. Barbour said a lot of the issues came from scholars who did not turn in their packets on time, and were then upset that they had to choose one of the on-campus events. “The only stressful part was that some scholars didn’t follow the process,” he said.

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