Scholar: Sadie Hawkins Encourages a Change in Expectations

August 26, 2015


Letter to the Editor

The opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints expressed by the various authors and columnists in this section do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints of The Catalyst.

This letter was in response to Rylee Felzien’s letter, published on August 26, 2015. Click here to read the article. 

In response to the proposal for a Sadie Hawkins dance survey sent out, there was a Letter to the Editor describing the idea as “blatantly offensive” because it presents the idea that a girl asking a boy to a dance as atypical. Although the author did not bluntly say, the audience can infer that she believes the idea is sexist. While I do agree with her to a degree, I do not think the theme of a Sadie Hawkins dance was meant to be, or should be, sexist and harmful to the scholars.

Although the thought of male scholars asking female scholars to a dance may upset some feminists, many people view this as traditional. While some may view traditional as wrong, many believe that traditional is something that is no longer evident in social aspects, and respect when a male scholar asks them to the dance. I believe it is wrong to assume everyone’s beliefs are against the Sadie Hawkins dance, as evident when the author of this article wrote, “… which I’m sure everyone would agree is wrong.”

It is fairly obvious in the majority of society that male scholars are expected to ask female scholars to dance. The Sadie Hawkins theme encourages a change to that expectation, which is empowering women. Comparing this idea to “the idea that women must be stay-at-home mothers and fathers must work to support an entire family,” is slightly absurd. It is an over-the-top point of view that in itself is sexist. A Sadie Hawkins dance encourages women to break social norms. It does not force them to or is intended to give them permission to ask any male scholar to the dance. It is instead intended to create a fun and interesting way for scholars to break social norms. None of the female scholars are being given “permission” to ask male scholars to the dance, as they already have that right in a normal dance setting. What this format does instead is actually give women the opportunity to go against what is generally “accepted” in society and to express themselves, which is the exact opposite of sexism.

This is not only reflecting my point of view, but also many other scholars.This is also not meant to put down any scholar’s point of view, it is just expressing an alternative view on the same topic, encouraging scholars to think in a different way.

Junior Jordin Tafoya

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4 Comments on “Scholar: Sadie Hawkins Encourages a Change in Expectations”

  1. this is a load of barnacles Says:

    this is not a load of barnacles


  2. That Dude Says:

    I agree with this fully, A Sadie Hopkins dance is not in any way wrong or offensive.


  3. Brandon Carrillo Says:

    This article is BAE. Like no joke i completely agree that asking should go both ways without a theme implying it.


  4. Nightmare Says:

    Well said madam


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