Dance Committee President: There are No Gender Rules at ASK Dances

August 26, 2015


Letter to the Editor

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This letter was in response to Rylee Felzien’s letter, published on August 26, 2015. Click here to read that article. 

Dear Scholar,

Thank you for expressing your concerns with the survey that Dance Committee sent out yesterday. I would like to shed light on our thought-process when sending out the survey.

The survey was to compile data on who were in favor, and those who were against having a Sadie Hawkins Dance; it is by no means set in stone. In addition, Sadie Hawkins is not meant to segregate genders but to give females an opportunity, a reason, to step outside their comfort zone and ask the males to the dances. In a traditional society, males often have the pressure of having to ask the females, pay for their ticket, and plan the whole night. Despite how far we’ve come, these traditions are ingrained in us by default. Having a Sadie Hawkins Dance allows the pressure to be alleviated from the male population, and gives a platform for females to step out of their comfort zone.

Regardless of gender, inviting someone to the dance takes effort and the fear of rejection can prevent a person from taking a chance; Sadie Hawkins changes the traditional standard.

That being said there are no rules when it comes to who someone asks to the dance, or whether they ask someone at all. A date is not required, in fact most students at this school prefer to bring their friends. The Dance Committee does not impose on your individual preference; we simply aim to make the dances fun and eventful. Just as you said in your letter, “It is a dance. Merely a dance.”

Mario Andreatta

President of The ASK Academy Dance Committee 

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One Comment on “Dance Committee President: There are No Gender Rules at ASK Dances”

  1. Shannon Dunning Says:

    Amen *praise it*


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