Teams Take Advantage of Their Home Field

January 15, 2015

Opinion, The Zoetics


Drawing by James Madsen

Drawing by James Madsen

By Robert Hershman




 Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos

In this Divisional Playoff game Peyton Manning played against his former team The Colts.  This game was played mostly by the defense on both teams.  The first points were scored by the Broncos, when Manning threw it to Demaryius Thomas to the left of the touchdown, sneaking both feet in the endzone when he scored.  The score was tied up when Colts Running Back ran it to the left for six yards, then dove for the score.  The tie breaker happened when Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck threw it three yards to his Tight End to make it 14-7.  For the rest of the game the Broncos only scored two field goals, and for the Colts scored just one more touchdown and a field goal.  The Colts upset the Broncos when they beat the Broncos 24-13.



Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers


This game had quite a few of tense moments throughout.  Aaron Rodgers and the Packers struck first when Rodgers threw a short pass down the middle to Tight End Andrew Quarless.  The Turnovers in this game led to points for the opposite teams, like when Rodgers was sacked and fumbled the ball, then was recovered by Dallas.  Shortly after, the Cowboys took advantage of that turnover when  Quarterback Tony Romo passed it to Terrance Williams who broke a tackle and ran 38 yards for the touchdown.  Later, in the third quarter Cowboys Running Back DeMarco Murray ran for one yard to score. Rodgers fought back against the Cowboys winning score, and threw a 46 yard touchdown, which left them down by only one point. To take the lead, Rodgers threw yet another touchdown, the Packers went for a two point conversion, but it failed.  The Cowboys tried to come back when Romo threw it deep to Dez Bryant for 31 yards on fourth and two. The Cowboys were then at the one yard line and were able to score, but The Packers challenged the pass completion, and it was reversed. The pass was incomplete and the ball was now back to the Packers.  They ran the clock out and the Packers won 26-21.





Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Sacramento Kings

Due to injuries, the Cavaliers star player LeBron James didn’t play in this game, which had a big impact on the Cavaliers offense.  Despite LeBron James injury, Center Kevin Love stepped up and scored 25 points in the game.  Ultimately, Love’s performance was not enoigh — The King’s defense held them off,  only allowing The Cavaliers to score 84 points on the day, while the Kings scored 103 points, which caused them to win the game.


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