Asking ASK: Top 5 Book Series

November 18, 2014

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By Salvatore Mangiacapra

This month, we present the  Top 5-ish Book Series —  the “ish” will make sense later. Before we delve into the results, we would like to respond to some comments, concerns, and suggestions from the scholars. The first request is that we collect more data and display it, which we could not agree more. This time we have presented the information in a chart. To help you understand the level of accuracy of this data, only 31 people voted. While this is the most amount of votes that “Asking ASK,” has received, it is still a small percentage of the scholars here. As such, we will not claim that this is the most popular among the student body,  but of the Asking ASK community, which we think could eventually be a larger percentage of the school (ultimately, it is up to the readers to participate and voice their opinion).  Lastly, I should mention that the intention of these articles are not meant to a popularity contest (despite the title). It is intended to show a level of diversity in the student body, and a chart  has been created to display that more clearly.


Better Chart

Now, on to the show. Remember with this list, the book had to be a series in order to qualify, and do not fear, as this list will be spoiler-free.

3.5 Leading in 3rd-and-a-half place, (the results were tie-tastic!)  we have Game of Thrones, which is  the first book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. This series was originally intended to be a trilogy, but was eventually expanded into seven volumes, two of which are still in the works (and there are rumors of an 8th). The story is told from the  perspectives of the characters within the kingdoms, and the character list expands by each book.

3 The real and not artificial 3rd place is Lord of the Rings. This is a three part series that also has a prequel known as either The Hobbit, or There and Back Again. In the series, there is a Ring of Power, which is the one ring needed to rule them all. Its creator Sauron has returned, and a young hobbit must take the ring to the fires of Mordor in order to destroy it before Sauron can get his massive pupil on it.

2.5  The last tie in this list is the modern mythology series Percy Jackson. The series is about a boy in the modern age who finds out one day that he is the son of a Greek god, and when he does, it is because he is in danger. As the series continues, he is put into many conflicts involving a combination of Greek mythology and the modern world.

2 Of course, magic ties in with mythology, and the well-known book of magic is Harry Potter. The famous quote, “You’re a wizard, Harry!” is basically the synopsis of the series, although the themes delve much deeper. While the stakes get higher as events happen, they don’t eat many steaks. If you like a story about magic or gatherings, consider the Harry Potter series.

1. The first place winner is little bit unusual. If you disagree with this, move the rest items up the list by one. Number 1 on the list is “other.” It would only make sense that the book series list would have a plot twist of its own. There are a couple of reasons that “other” deserves a slot. So many different book series got only one vote each within this poll, and the difference earned recognition. Series from Origami Yoda to 50 Shades of Grey were among the ones that only got a single vote. This is fine, it that means that they are important to that person without the influence of others.

The next article will be the favorite modes of transportation, and any form works, even those in fiction stories. This can include modes of time travel, such as TARDIS and the Warp Star, or it could be one that is an actual vehicle that was given a name, such as the Mystery Machine and the giant rock in that one episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. Submit your vote to or reply to the email I will be sending out. Remember, the more votes we get, the better we can represent the true opinions of our student body population.


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3 Comments on “Asking ASK: Top 5 Book Series”

  1. Mason Kemnitz Says:

    A Game of Thrones is the first book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, not the other way around.


  2. rachaelski Says:

    I LOVE PERCY JACKSON! Camp Half Blood 4 Life!


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