Freshman Not Ready to Leave Chaco Canyon

September 30, 2014

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Photo by Gabi Orr-Dick

Photo by Gabi Orr-Dick The view from the camp site.

By Gabi Orr-Dick

Chaco Canyon — a place I never thought I would be.  Having never been camping, I did not know what to expect. The long drive up was not as long as I expected, since my classmate Colter Anderson and I slept most of the way in the car. Unpacking went by fast on Thursday, and Friday was a long but exciting day with the first two sessions.


Photo by Gabi Orr-Dick Petroglyphs at Chaco Canyon

Photo by Gabi Orr-Dick
Petroglyphs at Chaco Canyon

Friday night’s activities ended with a brutal game of Capture the Flag. It was sophomores against freshmen in a battle for no awards. The game started out with a short explanation of rules and teams forming a strategy for their plan of attack. At first I was confused about what to do, but I just watched what everybody else was doing and picked it up. It started out kind of slow, then took an immediate turn as soon as the sophomore’s scored their first point. The freshmen were not discouraged. One of the freshmen, AJ Piland-Wish, snagged the sophomore’s flag and was almost across the center line when two or three Sophomores tackled him to the ground (totally against the rules). We eventually got the point since he was so close to the line. After that, we tried to actually get another point and get it across the line, but failed multiple times. The sophomores eventually won 1-4.

Photo by The Catalyst

Photo by The Catalyst

Saturday was the last day and was full of mixed emotions for me. I don’t know how other scholars felt, but I didn’t want to leave the camp — although I was ready to take a shower. Saturday morning went by fast; we woke up, ate  breakfast, then we left for our third and final session. I went with Mrs. Peterson’s group, and this session may have been my favorite; Mrs. Peterson told  the group about this rock she had found earlier and wanted us to see. When we got to the rock, there was an amazing view of the entire canyon. To see the contrast of the never ending canyons and the vast flatland, was beautiful. Mrs. Peterson said she wanted us to write about the nature that we could see, and to write whatever comes to mind.

It took me awhile to find some inspiration, but as soon as I saw the right piece of scenery, the writing came easy. Mr. Divett’s group went with us, and they climbed to the top of the canyon we were on. The kids in Mr. Divett’s group kept throwing out haiku poetry, and we almost had a haiku battle on the canyon.

The session seemed to go by quickly, and we soon had to leave back to the campsite. Packing up was a rapid process, and we also had to pick up all the trash. We were warned that if project managers found a single piece of trash on our site, we would have to pick up the trash of a neighboring campsite. Luckily we managed to pick up all of our trash. Almost immediately after that, we left to go back to school.


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