Drumming up the Past: Divett’s Former Life as a Rockstar

September 30, 2014

Culture, The Zoetics

Divett, middle, in his band The Plastics.

Divett, middle, in his band The Plastics.


By Catherine Crum

He might look like an ordinary project manager, but outside of school, Brennan Divett lives as a hip-hop/punk drummer.

In Divett’s lifetime, he has been in a total of five bands. He started playing the drums when he was 14 years old, and acquired a drum set shortly after. His first band, called  Friction, started  two weeks after he got his set. From there, he joined the band Pre-Packaged Meat (PPM), then later The Plastics, Avenge Apollo, the BC Funk Xperience, and is currently working on a solo project.

He said the solo project “started out as a drum and bass project; I was playing electronic music, and drum and bass music, it morphed into a hip-hop project, so I sample jazz records and I play light drums to them.”

As a high school student in a band, Divett said he was busy. Still living with his parents, they imposed strict rules about when he could play the drums; he was only allowed to play for one hour maximum, and not after eight o’clock.

Divett said the members of his second band, PPM, were “slackers” and would often wait until the last minute to practice, and they didn’t learn their parts. “The day before the show we would pretty much practice all day until I literally had blisters on my fingers. There were times where we practiced eight hours at a time, until the cops got called on us, or until the flesh was falling off our fingers,” he laughed.

Eventually, Divett and his band were recognized at a local level, and opened for some well-known musicians as they toured through Albuquerque. “There was a point where we were getting contacted to play a lot of really cool shows,” he said. “We got to play  with The Ataris, Meg & Dia, Eyes Set to Kill, Breathe Carolina, and The Action Design.”


Divett, left, drumsticks in hand.

Divett, right, drumsticks in hand.

He said he loves getting up on the stage at various venues and scanning the huge crowds in front of him. His favorite moments were when random fans came up to him to tell him that his music was good, and that they bought his CD. But being an up-and-coming musician is not all lights and glamour. Divett said he hated having to set up and take down his drum set night after night. “I would always joke that I couldn’t wait to get famous so I could have a roadie, or like a drum tech, to set up my gear,” he laughed.  “I also joke that I should play something like the harmonica; just put it in my back pocket and go.”

He made a total of 4 full-length records and a couple of EPs, which are smaller albums. Out of those records, Divett said he wrote several of the songs himself. One was for The Plastics; the song was called “Do you want some nachos?” The other was for Avenge Apollo, called “Bloody Snow,” which he said is about “pioneers crossing the plains and walking so long that their shoes disintegrate, but they keep walking until their feet bleed and you can see the tracks of blood in the snow.” The song has a suprisingly upbeat tempo for such a depressing subject matter.

Eventually, traveling for shows got in the way of Divett being a family man, and his day job made it more difficult for him to stay out all night.

He said that sometimes he misses the past. “My favorite part of being a local musician is playing in all the different venues, over the years you see the venues come and go. And getting to hangout with all the other artists and talent in the city.”


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