Close Call for Texans

September 30, 2014


Drawing by James Madsen

Drawing by James Madsen

 By Robert Hershman


Carolina Panthers vs.  Baltimore Ravens

For Panthers fans, running back Deangelo Williams is back and healthy in the  game against the Ravens.  It is also the first game the Panthers go against former teammate Steve Smith Sr.  In the start of the second quarter, some points are finally scored when Raven’s quarterback tried to throw it to Owen Daniels down the field, but it was tipped going right into Steve Smith Sr.’s  hands for the walk in touchdown.  At that moment the panthers are probably thinking, “Why did we lose that guy?”  To tie it, Cam Newton threw a 28 yard touchdown to an open Kelvin Benjamin in the right corner of the touchdown.  That tied it 7-7, and oh my it looks like we’ve got a ball game, people.  I was mistaken when the game wasn’t even a game to begin with, when the final was 38-10 all Ravens.

Buffalo Bills vs. Houston Texans

The Buffalo travel to Houston attempting to make a statement that they mean business, and that their 2-0 start is not a hoax. Through the whole game it was all defense, especially the Texan’s defense.  It was 10-7 when Texans defensive end swatted the ball from EJ Manuel, but intercepted it in the air , and took it back 80 yards to score.  How a Defensive Lineman can run 80 yards from fast offense players like receivers and the quarterback , I don’t know. Bills were down by 10 and gave themselves a 80 yard touchdown.  EJ Manuel threw it to Mike Williams who was wide open with no defense in sight.  This is what Texans defense probably said when Williams was wide open: “ Go ahead, score, we will even watch you walk in the end zone.”  Sadly, the Texans won the game 23-17.


Vancouver Whitecaps VS Real Salt Lake City

After poor performances on last road games, the Whitecaps want  the spirit they had in their last couple of games.  It was 1-1, with a half hour left in the game  when Vancouver found that spirit they were looking for, and scored the winning goal .  With Vancouver hanging on to their playoff destiny, their next stop will be FC Dallas, and with the role they are on, it won’t be surprising if they win it.

L.A Galaxy VS New York Red Bulls

With Galaxies 4-0 win over Red Bulls, they regain the tied top spot in MLS. Galaxy also stretched 8 won games in a row to 9.  Robbie Keane  from Ireland scored two goal in the game, making it his 17th goal of the season. One of those was from Landon Donovan’s assist, giving him two assists for a total of 134 assists, and sadly one short from Steve Ralston’s MLS record. Galaxy is certainly one of the top teams and is looking forward to making championship three years in a row.

    Baseball (MLB)

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter

New York Yankees VS Boston Red Sox

This game will be the last for one of the best player’s in baseball, which is Derek Jeter.  Most of the fans were dreading this day, but he scored for the Yankees for the win 9-5.  In the win, Jeter had one home run two AB’s and two RBI’s with a .256 batting average.


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2 Comments on “Close Call for Texans”

  1. Danielle Plomaritas Says:

    Robert, where is the Packer story? 🙂


  2. Linda Murillo Says:

    Nice job Hershman on the reporting. You always get into the game and it shows in your articles. I look forward to next weeks article.


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