Star Track: The Next Interception

September 24, 2014

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Drawing by James Madsen

Drawing by James Madsen

In The Catalyst’s latest column, “Star Track: The Next Interception,” Robert Hershman will satisfy sports fans need-to-know in a recap of the athletic events that occurred during the weekend. 


By Robert Hershman



Dallas Cowboys vs. St. Louis Rams

The Rams quarterback Austin Davis is a third stringer, and this game would be his second appearance.  The Rams got the ball first to start the game and moved it down the field 80 yards in a total of 5 minutes.  At the brink of scoring near the end zone, Davis threw a 1 yard touchdown to Lance Kendricks for the first points of the game.  As the Cowboys got the ball they handed it to Demarco Murray, but he fumbled it like butter on corn.  The Rams were able to score another touchdown from that, then the Rams intercepted it for another touchdown, and at the end of the half, the Cowboys were down 10-21.  The Cowboys defense actually showed up for this game and made some stops to help Tony Romo, and the Cowboys offense hopped into top gear, coming back to win 34-31 with 400+ yards.




Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks

In the first time since the Super Bowl XLVIII, the Broncos and the Seahawks went head to head in a close brawl.  The Broncos came into the game hoping that it would not be a blowout, and it didn’t start strong when Montee Ball rushed it for the Broncos, but fumbled it at the 25 yard line. The Broncos didn’t think about what happened and ended up tying it 3-3.  It was all defense throughout the game until the last quarter when the Broncos scored some touchdowns against the Seahawks defense.  With the Seahawks up by 8 points with about 1 minute left in the game, Peyton Manning took the offense down the field when Jacob Tamme the backup tight end caught a touchdown pass.  They then huddled up and went for the two-point conversion.  Peyton threw it to Demaryius Thomas, who caught it against Richard Sherman.  It was 20-20 going into overtime, and the Seahawks got the ball , and moved it near the end zone.  The Seahawks probably gave Marshawn Lynch some Skittles for the last bit of energy to score the winning touch down, making it 26-20.  This is probably what the Broncos wanted the Super Bowl to be.


Soccer (Barclays Premier League)

 Leicester City vs. Manchester United

 The underdogs Leicester City beat Manchester United 5-3.  The Leicester City Foxes have only scored one goal in the last eight meets against United.  Manchester  had won the last 18 games before Sunday, but the Foxes scored more than one goal, and United lost.  This proves that sometimes, stats do not matter.

 Everton vs. Crystal Palace

 Another upset occurred  this weekend when Everton lost 2-3 against Crystal Palace.  The Crystal Palace  scored all of their three goals on target.  Yannick Bolasie scored the third goal in the 69th minute on the right corner to win the game.

Baseball (MLB)

Seattle Mariners vs. Houston Astros

The Houston Astros were not expected to win the game this weekend.  They won 8-3  with the help of Jake Marisnick’s three home runs.  Alex Presley also drove two runs in to also help win the game.  This game was the shock of the weekend.


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One Comment on “Star Track: The Next Interception”

  1. Noelle Hoenig Says:

    All Broncos fans wish the Super Bowl had been that way! Lol
    Great article!


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