Hot-Food Cravings Answered with Pizza and Food Truck

September 23, 2014

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-- Photo by Hannah Worker White serves lunch items to scholars out of The Manic Munchies food truck parked on campus Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

— Photo by Hannah Worker
White serves lunch items to scholars out of The Manic Munchies food truck parked on campus Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


By Catherine Crum

In another attempt to provide hot lunches for scholars on campus, the administration  has attempted a different route this year. Every Tuesday and Wednesday a food truck will be parked on campus during the lunch hour, serving hot food such as pizza, pretzels, and popcorn chicken to scholars. On Thursdays, scholars will end their week with pizza from Aldo’s.

In previous years, ASK has attempted to provide hot lunches for scholars, but it’s been unsuccessful.

Dan Barbour explained,”We had a catering company two years ago that was part of the Federal Food Program. We didn’t have enough kids that would start eating the food, and the food wasn’t very good.”

And last year, another catering company, AKayTahRing, was brought on to sell food to scholars. “They came out here for three weeks last year, then they decided it was too far for them to come from the South Valley,” Barbour said.

The first week of selling pizza was a success. Employees from Aldo’s set up shop in the Commons, and sold out in 40 minutes. One slice of pizza is $2. There are various types of pies for scholars to choose from, and each week the options change.

“I got mushroom pizza,” said Michael Allen, a freshman, who complained that by the time he got to the front of the line, the cheese pizza had been sold out.  “They should have more pizza, because I didn’t get the one I wanted.”

The second week they brought 13 pizzas, said Aldo’s employee Amanda Wickstrom, and they had more than enough, with some extra pies by the end of the lunch period. However, most of the sophomore class was out that day on a World History field trip.

Barbour hopes that bringing the food to campus will eliminate scholars having to rush through their lunch. “I think it’s providing a good quality menu at a reasonable price,” he said. “For our kids that are on campus, it gives them some choices, and they don’t have to go try and spend all their time walking back and forth. If you walk to Aldo’s pizza and back, you are spending 20
minutes walking back and forth, and you have to just shovel down your food.”


Food Truck2

–Photo by Hannah Worker

The food truck, which is parked outside on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, has a variety of items on its menu. “I rotate my menu every week,” said Mike White, the owner and creator of The Manic Munchies. “The price ranges anywhere from $2 up to $10.” He has yet to introduce the $10 item to scholars.

“I hope to do this for two years, and then open a restaurant,” White said of his local business. “I do not do it for any other schools yet, I do it for a few businesses, but you guys are my first school I am helping out,” he said.

Junior Marissa Wooldridge likes the truck options, but said it lacks a bit of organization and could benefit from “maybe a little more staff.”

Junior Ashley Burke agreed with Wooldridge. She said a second person could help take the orders while one prepares and hands out the food. Overall, she is content with the food from the truck. “I do think the prices are reasonable, at least it is under $5.”

White said his most popular item on the menu has yet to be introduced to ASK scholars. “It’s a meatball marinara sub, I make my own handmade meatballs, I have done it for 10 years. I (also) make my own marinara sauce.”

The ASK Academy is not charging Manic Munchies or Aldo’s to be on campus. However, the goal is to get some of the profit back to the school. “What we ask for with all of our vending machines,  is a 10 percent income stream back into the foundation. So not only 10 percent of the pizza, 10 percent of the food truck, but 10 percent of those vending machines downstairs . So they go back into programs for you guys,” Barbour said.

Three out of four days are now covered with pizza and the food truck. Barbour said he is working on bringing an option for Mondays. He is working to bring Chick-fil-A or a New York style hot dog vendor on that day. He said what’s important is variety and affordability.


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