Math Wiz Takes a Swing at CAD

September 10, 2014


Photo by Hannah Worker --Project Manager Scott Hostetler stays busy by teaching various recreational activities during his free time at ASK.

Photo by Hannah Worker
–ASK Project Manager Scott Hostetler stays busy by teaching various recreational activities during his free time.


By James Madsen

— During a recent physics class with Colin DeGroot, Project Manager Andrew Hostetler threw a ball so hard that it put a dent in one of the Academy’s back doors. Aside from the display being a lesson for a new speedometer, the incident proved that Hostetler’s love for sports and the outdoors is no joke. “I’ve always had a connection to the outdoors,” he said. He coaches little league, leads a scout troop, and teaches fly fishing in his spare time.

Before he came to ASK,  Hostetler taught math, specifically calculus, at the Albuquerque Institute for Mathematics and Science (AIMS) for eight years, and two of those years he was the head of the math department.

He and Stephenson have collaborated in the past, and Hostetler said he had interviewed with The ASK Academy before the doors even opened five years ago — but there were already math positions filled. Now he is teaching CAD and Building Design, and his math background helps him do so.  He has previously never taught any subject in an entirely computer-based classroom before, but thus far, he enjoys it. “It’s completely different, completely new, and it’s just great,” he said.

In college, Hostetler considered a career in engineering or architecture, but the only option that really fit his personality was education.  Soon after graduation, he started his family with his wife Lairaine, who works as a librarian for AIMS. They have two children, Maddie and Henry. He loves taking his family on outdoor trips, and makes sure that they all stay active. He says if the world were to end tomorrow, he would take his family to “spend the day together on a fishing trip.”

Freshman Gabriel Vialpando thinks Hostetler is a great teacher.  “He does a good job. It is his first year teaching CAD here, and he knows what he’s doing,” he said.



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One Comment on “Math Wiz Takes a Swing at CAD”

  1. Michelle Peterson Says:

    Great article, James!


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