Past Struggles Allowed Mid-School Manager to Thrive

September 4, 2014


Photo by Hannah Worker --Krista Pink, who is temporarily teaching a PE course at ASK, stretches with her scholars .

Photo by Hannah Worker
–Krista Pink, who is temporarily teaching a PE course at ASK, stretches with her scholars .


By Cole Feltman

Krista Pink only wants the best for her scholars. Pink, hired on this year to teach special education at the middle school level, said she hopes to inspire students to strive for their best — which is why she became a teacher.

“If it wasn’t appealing, you wouldn’t be doing it — it’s not the best paying job,” she said. “The best part of teaching is the energy, because you get to see so much learning and growth.”

Her passion for learning has come from years of personal struggle. Pink said that growing up, she had trouble learning; she was not able to read until she was in the fifth grade. She remembers that her saving grace was the invention of the computer. This allowed her to take notes and get past her spelling mistakes, which had plagued her for years. To this day, she reads over her emails twice to check for mistakes.

Pink has a master’s degree in Multicultural Special Education. She said she went back to college for this degree out of anger. She had a meeting with her child’s teacher, and the teacher was rude and talked down to her. It spurred her to sign up for special education courses so she could never be in that situation again. Now, her background in special education lets her stray from the general curriculum and allows her to cater curriculum to certain students’ needs. “It does allow me to go off the grid to bring students really neat things,” Pink said.

As a big fan of charter schools, Pink said she has been obsessed with ASK for a long time. She taught middle school and elementary school in Rio Rancho, but was not aware of The ASK Academy middle school; as soon as she heard of an opening, she applied for the job. “I felt as though I had given the worst interview ever,” she laughed.

This being her first year at the Academy, Pink said she is excited for what’s in store, and plans to be here for the long haul. When asked if she would ever return to a public school, she said, “I could never go back, the transition to this school has gone too well. I love this school; the program is just amazing.”

Pink enjoys the outdoors, and spends her free time with her family. She sets aside special time to go to the Jemez Mountains or the Sandia Mountains. Growing up, she said she was always outside. “Of course in that era, you find ways to have fun, and outside was really the only choice,” she said. She has moved around quite a bit, living in both Texas and Florida.

Her father has actually taught some of the other project managers at ASK. He taught chemistry, biology, and physics at Rio Rancho High School, alongside Mr. Barbour and Mr. Stephenson.  He is Pink’s role model.

“My father makes the best brisket and ribs in the world, “Pink said. Once, her father had a vegetarian couple over and persuaded them to try just a bite. Afterwards, they agreed that  it was some of the most delicious food they had ever tasted. “For one day we turned them into carnivores,” she laughed.

She thinks the ritual of sitting down together for a meal is important in building family relationships.  She is excited to join ASK Academy, and can’t wait to become a part of this family as well.


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3 Comments on “Past Struggles Allowed Mid-School Manager to Thrive”

  1. Hannah Nichols Says:

    Ewww haha I am in it ! xD jkay good job


  2. Michelle Peterson Says:

    Ms. Pink is the BOMB.COM!


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