Flippin’ the Bird for ASK

May 14, 2014

News, The Zoetics

By Briana Hendrix

Last year's Angry Birds Competition

Last year’s Angry Birds Competition


Keeping up with the annual ASK tradition, on Friday there will be angry birds flying through the air over Haynes Park. The competition, named after the popular Angry Birds game, has scholars building  catapults and trebuchets  that launch projectiles at targets of varying distances.

Angry Birds started in the Spring of 2011 as a friendly competition on campus and grew quickly —  now many managers make Angry Birds a requirement in their class.  Project Manager Vanessa Barela, who organized the event this year,  is requiring her Aerospace, CAD and design classes to participate. Thus far, she has the largest group of scholars participating. Students have to build a full scale model of a launching device, they must have a minimum of three designs, and they must test and modify their launcher before the day of competition. Students must launch a 1kg object various distances in an attempt to hit and knock over a target.

She said there are 39 teams expected to compete on Friday.

Managers expect this year’s Angry Bird’s competition to be more successful than years past. When asked about last year’s competition, Osmond said, “I couldn’t calibrate, we didn’t have projectiles made until the day of — this year scholars and managers will have more time.” He said his goal this year is that “students will be able to beat the managers —  not me, of course — but other managers.”

He and Barela are confident that scholars can go above and beyond, although he said many scholars are procrastinating. Barela is hoping that the specific requirements and expectations will help students do well this year.

Freshman David Moores is working on a team with two other scholars, and they are in the process of designing a launcher for CAD and physics. “Hopefully, this weekend we cans start,” said Moores.

During the competition, there will also be a picnic run by parent volunteers. Barela said there are currently “six parent volunteers helping by transporting projects, scoring, setting up food, cooking and tearing it all down.”

Although it is a requirement for many classes, Osmond said every scholar is encouraged to participate. “If the seniors wanted to get together and paint purple mustaches on it, they could,” he said.

The event is a celebration of the end of the year, and one last send-off for the seniors, who typically return to compete. For the past two years, the competition has been held on the morning of graduation. The festivities usually end with a school-wide  water balloon fight.



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  1. Brenna Says:

    I hope we are doing it this year


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