ReCon Highlights Scholars Varying Interests

April 29, 2014

The Zoetics

By Lelanita Davenport

Every semester at ASK, scholars come up with independent projects to study for their weekly Research in Action class. Some projects are a continuation of a semester before, others are brand new. Each project will be presented at the biannual Research Conference (ReCon) this Thursday at the Italian-American Club after school.

Junior Ryan Pipkin is excited about his project, which he said is  a “social experiment.” His project is a behavioral study, where he will be asking what seem to be random questions like “are you ticklish, and if so where at?” and analyze the results. Pipkin stated that “some of the reactions that people will give are weird looks, or they will shy away, and other people are very open about the questions I asked.”

The purpose, he said, is to find out how people react to various questions, analyze the results, and study how that relates to society in a larger context.

Ariel Gideon is also conducting a behavior project, a project about the psychological mind of serial killers. Gideon will be researching the behaviors of criminals a month or so before and after their first kill. This is to find people who fit the criteria of being a serial killer. Gideon will also be looking at the mental disorders of these people and seeing if they correlate with the behaviors of other serial killers. She stated “Schizophrenia is the most common mental disorder that they have.”

Sophomore Adrianna Martinez is making a model of a garden to plant on school grounds, and needs to get the approval from not only the school, but the board as well. “The purpose of this project is to show the importance of making and keeping the earth clean,” Martinez said. She said she is in the beginning stages of the project and hopes to get approval and begin building the garden by next year.

There are many difficulties when developing a project for Research in Action. Every project  must get approved by a project manager, to ensure that it is safe and capable of completion. Just developing a project that is capable, creative, and 100% ethical, is sometimes difficult for the scholars. A scholar may also have trouble  getting participants if his or her project involves a human subject.

Samantha Kellogg-Howell has been at the Ask Academy for four years, and does a new project each semester. “The best part of Research in Action is finally finishing the project and seeing what the end result is,” she said.



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