Scholars Participate in Earth Day at Botanic Garden

April 28, 2014






By Jordan Hines

The BioPark of Albuquerque is celebrating Earth Day in a big way and ASK Scholars got the opportunity to get involved. The Botanic Garden has created the Pollinator Garden which will feature “bee hotels” designed and constructed by scholars from The Academy. The Botanic Garden reached out to schools in the area for students to create these bee hotels, small habitats that will enhance the garden and encourage pollination.

Scholars in Ms. Barela’s CAD class were given the project and had to first develop their designs with CAD, then had the duration of spring break to construct the designs. Freshman scholar Robert Sedillo found the project to an interesting project because of the background research necessary to make a better habitat. He implemented his discovery of bees liking to burrow in wood into his design by using scrap moldings and sticking it in the frame in a flower-shaped pattern. Sedillo’s bee hotel took four days to construct, which includes the collection of materials.

Scholars had a lot of freedom with their designs, but had to include certain parameters, such as a 18”x22” frame, specific hole widths, and utilizing natural materials. Three different awards will be given to the bee hotels that are the most creative, scientifically designed, and make the best use of recycled materials.

When Barela went to the zoo on Tuesday with the bee hotels ASK was the only school that had brought hotels. The 23rd was the last day to bring them, so she suspects that ASK scholars are likely to receive the awards.

All of the bee hotels were presented at Earth Day in the Botanic Garden this Saturday. They will  be displayed during the Tingley Beach Art Walk after. Students from ASK have been invited to present their designs. The winners’ bee hotels will be installed in the garden with a plaque, and then the rest can be donated or retrieved by the creators.


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3 Comments on “Scholars Participate in Earth Day at Botanic Garden”

  1. Mary Homan Says:

    It’s great to see the ASK scholars getting involved in so many projects that showcase not only their individual work and achievements but also shares the depth of education they are receive from the ASK Academy. Keep up the great work and high public visibility.


  2. Marcella Edinger Says:

    I love this! Bees are limited to habitats due to humans constantly destroying them. I hope the bees like their new homes!


  3. Maddy Says:

    I love the idea of having Earth day celebrated by building an all natural project, and that it became something that they received awards for.


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