Smells Like ASK Spirit: Scholar is Responsible for Spirit Week

December 12, 2013

The Zoetics

By Ryley Thompson

Photos by Mario Andreatta

Last week scholars participated in the Academy’s first Spirit Week. Senior Shelby Ostrom was the brain behind it all; she wrote a letter to Mrs. Correa asking for permission. She said she felt the school needed to have a little fun and thought it would bring attention to the school’s dance.
“I knew we had a dance coming up and I felt that not a lot of kids knew about it. I noticed last year that not many kids showed up, so I thought maybe if we had a spirit week, kids would be like ‘Oh, why are we having spirit week, because we are having a dance.’ So it was kind of to promote the dance.”

Ostrom said she it would be fun to bring some excitement to the school. “We are always so serious. As a small charter school we do little things but I think we can do bigger things that excite the kids more, like jeans day. It is all just getting kids motivated to go to school.”

The grade that had the most participation won the spirit stick each day. The junior class won on Monday when the theme was Red, Green Yellow and Black Shirts Day. The eighth grade class took the honor rest the week, beating out everyone else for Disney Day, Crazy Hair Day and Jersey Day.

Ostrom said the middle schoolers were not happy with their participation rate the first day but they pulled it together for the rest of the week. “I expected more of the highschool students to dress up, not really the middle schoolers. On the first day when I told them [the middle school students] that they only had 5% participation they were so angry. They won three days in a row, so that just shows you that the little kids are obviously more determined than we are but I am really shocked that not as many seniors participated. It’s my senior year so I wanted to do as much as I could and have as much fun as I can.”

Junior Kyra Odenbach enjoyed the week and seeing every one’s creative side, but wished there was more participation. “I dressed up every day except Jersey Day, but my favorite was Disney Day when I dressed up as Princess Leia. I didn’t agree with having to pay for crazy hair, day but I knew it was for a good cause.”
Ostrom said she was happy with the outcome, and felt sad when it was over. She hopes there will be more Spirit Weeks in the future.

“As long as I am here I am going to try and have a spirit week every week before a dance. Hopefully next year after I leave, someone else will carry on my tradition and the spirit stick and to add on to it and make it their own,” she said. “We are all just like a big family here.”



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One Comment on “Smells Like ASK Spirit: Scholar is Responsible for Spirit Week”

  1. shelby Says:

    so glad i did this!


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