Seniors Share Thoughts on Final Year and Graduation

December 12, 2013

Opinion, The Zoetics

By Alex Heitz

It is the last year for seniors at the ASK Academy, and some of them are feeling the pressure of graduation and moving on to the next stage in life. The Catalyst tracked down a few of the seniors to ask them how they feel:

Sarah Lockard
“Senior year is really stressful because of all the tests and work, probably the worst year. [The best part] about being a senior would have to be getting off task and talking with friends. The most memorable time will have to be the senior graduation. I am ready to graduate because I know that college will be different, you need to do everything on your own, and you need to be prepared. I am excited and ready to go to college.”


Samantha Kellogg-Howell

“I feel stressed and weird about my last year. The good times are just hanging out with friends and knowing it’s my final year. I feel good and am ready for graduation because there is a few of us. I am happy and excited to leave home. I look forward to freedom and responsibilities in college. If I were to attend a school out-of-state I would be scared to leave my family, but I will have to if it will help me be what I want in life. I hope to stay in touch with friends when I leave for college.”


Jake Lutz

“Being a senior is scary because it is the end. [I enjoy] having the power of everyone and being able to say that I am almost done. It is bad because you never know if it will work out, but if you push for it, you will be fine. For graduation, I am going to be scared because then everything changes. College is going to be scary, but after a while it won’t be. I am going to school locally, because going out-of-state we make you lose focus because you will be worrying about your parents.”


Shelby Ostrom

“I can’t complain about high school because I have to worry about my job and filling out the college applications. The [nice part about senior year] is having to be non-existent, but it also gets hard having to do work, projects, and applying to colleges. I feel intimidated about college. Going to an out-of-state school is going to be scary because I will be leaving m y family and friends, but it is time to move on.”


Cheyenne Duddy
“Senior year is great, many freshman like me, I have a job, and I am just enjoying it. I am pumped for college, as well as bummed about becoming an adult. I do not have many friends but I still will miss some scholars. I am excited for the new opportunities in life. Graduation is going to be awesome and I want to find a way to get a speech in so I can say ‘Do what you are passionate for.’ I am ready for college because I already know how to live on my own. I feel confident and mentally I feel above most scholars.”


Austin Reed

“My senior year is going great. [What I like] about senior year is that I know that I am almost done, and the bad part is that the classes are harder. I am ready to leave my parents and go to college. Being away from my family and friends is going to be hard, but it is one of those things that you have to adjust to.”

Trying to decide which college is the best fit for you? Read Ms. Shimada’s most recent column here.


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