New Scholar Says Harsh Rules Only Increase Childlike Behavior

November 5, 2013


This is in response to an opinion piece published on Monday. Go here to read the editorial by Karen Pierce.

Editorial By Adrianna Martinez

The recent activity at the ASK Academy has been getting out of control with the foul behavior. High schoolers have been coming to class supposedly with drugs and cigarettes.

The students at the ASK Academy should just have to tell the teachers where they are going when they leave the class. The teachers should give them a certain time limit and if they aren’t back they could go look for them, Then, if the student is not doing what they were asked to do, that’s when the teachers at the ASK Academy should at least give them about 2 or 3 warnings before they give a referral.

If you treat the students like elementary students, they will act even more immature because kids that have transferred to this school came for trust and freedom. Not every kid likes to be on lockdown during school hours. Some kids may have health or other problems that may cause them to need to leave the class at any time.

The managers should give the school one warning about this bathroom pass and rules and give the students a week to improve – if they do not improve in about a week then that’s when they should take control and set different rules and regulations.



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4 Comments on “New Scholar Says Harsh Rules Only Increase Childlike Behavior”

  1. mom Says:

    Why do you need a few reminders? If you know the rules and choose not to follow them, even once, you should pay the price. As an adult you can make good or bad decisions-and live with the outcome. If I am speeding and am pulled over by the cop-chances are I will get a ticket-he wont say “here is a reminder”……Elementary kids need reminders because their brains are not fully developed and they dont always yet understand the ramifications of their decisions..


    • mom Says:

      PS..if there is a drug issue at the school-the police should be informed…what a bad reputation this will make for a school with so much potential!


  2. askmrstephenson Says:

    Trust, Responsibility, and Respect! These words are what we wanted the ASK Education Culture to stand on. “I can trust, that you are going to be responsible to work as a member of the ASK corporation with respect for all and to the guidelines that maximize the Academy’s production by maximizing the individual’s production”.

    You can tell that you are new to the culture from the evidence that you are using words like students and teachers in your paragraphs. ASK has scholars and managers. This is part of the culture shift that all of us need to move toward. If you read Jacob Lutz article, you can see the difference in his vocabulary, which is an indicator of his understanding and fully owning the ASK culture. He is a senior and has been here longer; therefore, he is reflects ASK’s new culture more completely.

    I agree with you on most points; especially your opinion that if we treat you like elementary age learners, you will act like that. Help your peers realize that we wish to show you the respect granted professionals, meaning for example, if you need to exit the space you respectfully communicate that need, take care of business and return to the space to continue producing for the responsible manager. This is a freedom that comes with major responsibility.

    In any Democratic society, there is a always a force that puts freedom at risk. That force is your ability to self govern. When a small number of the democratic society proves that they cannot self govern, then we all loose freedoms. Example: I do have the freedom to take more than 3 ounces of toothpaste in a tube onto an airplane anymore because a small number of my society has proven they can’t be trusted. When your peers prove that they can’t be trusted to leave the space, take care of business and return to continue production for the responsible manager, then that freedom is at risk.

    Don’t allow the risk of your freedoms to become of a loss of your freedoms. Hold your peers accountable for their actions. Make sure they understand the ASK attitude. It is different than other places. Let me know who is jeopardizing your freedoms if you aren’t comfortable confronting them. But the most powerful thing you can do is govern yourself; be the model of ASK attitude for all to see. The power of the 95% of the ASK scholar population demonstrating what attitudes are acceptable on campus is far stronger the the power of the 5% that are risking our freedoms.

    Let Freedom Reign.

    Mr S


  3. Ian Kinler Says:

    Just the title alone needs no argument. Well said…


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