Manager Tired of Policing Scholars; Wants the ASK Attitude Back

November 4, 2013

Opinion, The Zoetics

By Karen Pierce

What’s with the Hall Passes?

This sentiment echoed throughout the upstairs scholar population during most of Thursday.  Many scholars remarked that they felt as though the new policies being implemented by multiple managers took away the trust, and created an atmosphere of elementary school.  As one of the managers with a new hall pass policy, I could not agree more.

Over the last two weeks I have found myself dragging my feet a little more each morning, dreading what new ‘issues’ are going to present themselves during the coming day.  It seems that the ASK Attitude, which I have observed and enjoyed over the last two years in both scholars and staff, has slowly evaporated.  I find myself spending most of my time trying to thwart bad behavior, instead of guiding learning.  I am constantly getting tips from administration, other managers, and even scholars, about what needs to be watched out for or cracked down upon.  I spend countless minutes picking up trash on the floor or telling people to go back to class.  I have begun to feel as though I am working in an elementary school.

Part of what made me want to teach high school was the fact that my scholars were not children – but rather, young adults.  They had creative minds and were able to handle responsibility and freedom in a mature manner.  Part of what made me want to teach at ASK was that the scholar population was genuinely interested in learning.  They had created a professional atmosphere, and the school ran more like a business than any school I had worked at before.  People treated each other and the learning spaces with respect.  I am afraid that we are losing that.

Obviously not every scholar is to blame; I know most of you are just as hard working and responsible as always.  I feel bad implementing seating charts, pop quizzes, and hall passes for you, because realistically you do not deserve these restrictions.  However, as a manager, I do not feel that I can simply single out and ostracize the offending parties.  I am also unwilling to try and track down each rule breaker individually in an exhausting cat and mouse game.

You want the hall passes to go away?  Well I want my professional working environment back.  Here is a short list of the behaviors that I personally have observed over the past two weeks that have led me to believe more strict policies are necessary:  leaving trash on the floor, leaving spills/crumbs on the floor, blatant uniform policy violations (I’m talking to you hat-wearers, spandex-pants-people, and sweatshirts-that-don’t-unzip-enthusiasts), defacing the bathrooms, video games during class, wasting work time during class, not turning in assignments, leaving the classroom and lying to the manager about where you are going, leaving the classroom in coordination with your friend from another class so that you can talk in the hall, wandering randomly, talking about obscene sexual topics, talking about offensive violent topics, talking about drug and other elicit activity, having drug paraphernalia on campus, minors smoking just off campus, bringing cigarettes/lighters on to a public school campus, using explicit language, bullying, and taking advantage of substitutes who do not know the manager’s policies and/or the school policies.

This is disgraceful.  Have some pride in yourselves and have some pride in our school.  We need to take back the hallways and make the ASK Attitude the norm again.   I would love to work with adults once again.



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32 Comments on “Manager Tired of Policing Scholars; Wants the ASK Attitude Back”

  1. Lelanita Davenport Says:

    The hall passes are not that bad. the scholar that does not like this is probably the reason why we have a hall pass


  2. Juan Juarez Says:

    In order for us to get the ask attitude back, we need to get the trust back of the managers and stop doing other things that we said that we were going to do. Also we need to do all of our assignments and pick up after our selves, in our future job we’ll need to do these things in order to keep our boss happy or we’ll get fired.


  3. rohara2013 Says:

    It’s like faith in humanity it goes away but can come back, but in small little steps


  4. Nightwriter Says:

    This is so true. I don’t understand why the ASK attitude has declined since last year.


  5. Walker Dobbins Says:

    Quite frankly, people should learn how to respect whats no theirs. The outside area is littered with trash and I think both schools are to blame. The hall pass system is taking irresponsibility in our school a little light,there need to be stricter rules for the offenders, and more trust in the ones who haven’t done anything wrong.


  6. Alexis Says:

    The only reason our school is like this now is because there is so many immature and younger kids here. Because we NEVER had problems like this until this year now that we have middle school.


    • mykayla Says:

      why do you say that. middle school is down stairs and yes we need to get better about this as well but its not just us we don’t go smoke ciggerates and we don’t have bathroom passes what happens upstairs has nothing to do with us so don’t blaim your promlems on us


    • Anonymous Says:

      I agree with this article, we really need to get our ASK Attitude back. How else can we be one of the greatest schools in the state if we cannot regulate ourselves? Although I do disagree with some of thes comments, the middle school is not the entire part of problem. Riddle me this: Are the middle schoolers drawing you away from your destination and causing you to lose focus and get in trouble? Are they always upstairs so that they can bug people? I think not! We are all human so we are not exactly perfect, but do the middle schoolers cause all of them? No, in fact the middle schoolers NEVER have problems like that! So maybe so people should not go pointing fingers, that actually contributes to the evaporation of the ASK Attitude, aren’t we all supposed to be a big family? From reading this article I can conclude this: we need to get our ASK Attitude back! That means we will have to learn to regulate ourselves and not point fingers! So I say let’s get the A in Attitude back for our school!


  7. Ian Kinler Says:

    All I can say is “I agree.” This really is disgraceful…
    I may have not realized all of this, but I have definitely seen very little differences since I changed schools from MVMS (Mountain View Middle School) to ASK. People are constantly talking during class which not only stops the teacher and waste time in class, but taking my learning away too. Also, we have never been able to work in groups since August.


  8. Cheyenne Duddy Says:

    I think that the only kids that are complaining about the policies are the ones that are breaking them…. Sorry but it isn’t that big of a deal to have a potty pass if you don’t want to be at school don’t come please, just drop out, dear god, I mean your not helping yourself so I don’t think we should keep trying to help everyone else.


  9. Samantha Peake Says:

    I believe that if scholars are complaining about other individuals that instead of complaining they should just walk away and mind their business. they are here to learn and they shouldnt worry about what other people are doing


  10. Steven Says:

    I agree with you. We need start acting like adults again.


  11. Zane Kelly Says:

    I fully agree with this, and hope that the scholars that are creating this environment of hostility and distrust see this and feel ashamed.


  12. Derp in a Jar Says:

    (>-_-<) Kirby does not approve


  13. shelby Says:

    I honestly think the teachers should not have to baby sit us
    being at ask we are self directed, n I think that the ask academy is leaving the way they wanted to be at first but I also thinks its hard having lower classman because they are still immature n it causes us older kids to get mad. and I don’t think that 7th and 8th graders should be going to a highschool if they don’t like what they see
    those ages are a very big difference.


    • thecatalyst2013 Says:

      As a project manager who is also tired of having to police high school students — I can say without a doubt this isn’t a middle school issue. Middle school scholars aren’t mad — project managers are. I am not sure where you got confused and thought that it was middle school kids who are complaining about high school behavior, because it isn’t. As you can see from the myriad of comments, other high school students are also tired of having to deal with peers who can’t keep their personal time separate from their school day. But it certainly isn’t the middle school students, so please don’t think that it is.


  14. Michelle Witt Says:

    We all just need to make better decisions.


  15. leon gidelon Says:

    i agree we need to be more professional


  16. Katelynn Henderson Says:

    When we start acting mature again, the managers will start treating us like we’re mature. They come here everyday to help us, the least we can do is respect them.


  17. James Gonzalez Says:

    I vote that we enact what Arizona did, Arrest all we that we think to commit a crime


  18. Mekhi Thomas Says:

    For us as scholars to gain our Ask attitude back we all (as scholars) shouldn’t be acting like 1st graders and thinking that you can do whatever you want? Our school is such a great school we have so much freedom and these few scholars are causing this freedom to go away and I’, sure other scholars feel the same way not just me. All I want are for things to go back to the way they were. So scholars, if you want this freedom back you need to stop acting like 1st graders and stop doing what you want.


    • Max G. Says:

      I agree with Mekhi Thomas, I don’t want my rights taken away because of someone else’s bad attitude. This school is supposed to be a new chance for me.


  19. GW Says:

    With great power (freedom) come great responsibility.


  20. Vanessa Barela Says:

    I agree with Mrs. Pierce that scholars need to start taking responsibility for themselves. As a manager, I would like to not have to chase down a scholar who asked to use the restroom two days in a row and then was found in other locations, two days in a row. It would be nice to have the trusting atmosphere again.


  21. uranis99 Says:

    i agree with what she is stating but i find it hilarious that a teacher who wasn’t teaching at the school when it opened, is stating thing that seems like it would happen every year at this school.


  22. Angelica Anaya Says:

    I don’t think that the middle school kids have anything to do with the high school issues occurring now. As high school students we should act like adults and shouldn’t have to be babysat. But since a few of us do act like children and do not follow the set rules, we must ALL get in trouble for what our peers are doing wrong. If students really want to put an end to this issue then you should tell your peers to behave like adults and act how they want to be treated. Right now the way people are acting is the reason that we are all getting treated this way.


  23. Selena Says:

    I think the passes are okay,they are not that bad.But the students have complained more about them then ever and the teachers are being bothered with it and cannot pay attention to the students that need the help.


  24. Jacob Lutz Says:

    Although I am frustrated with the new rules, I agree that something needs to change, before the ASK attitude is lost. I do not agree with the scholars that say the changes are not a big deal, however, because they are not only limiting to scholar freedom, but are symbolic of the system of trust that has been broken by the student community at ASK. I have mixed feelings about the situation, but understand the need to “clean-up” the attitudes on campus, and I can start with my own.


  25. Don Connolly Says:



  26. fetus (@FETUSBABYMAN) Says:

    wEnDeRbElLo waht a tasty T R E A T FOR ME!!! I WANT TO feed AN ALPACA cream c h e e s e IN ORDER TO PREVENT A settelite dihs E P I D E M I C???!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?



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