Admin Has No Plans to Increase Scholar lockers

October 23, 2013

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Photo by Mario Andreatta Lockers tend to cause more problems than they are worth, said Daniel Barbour.

Photo by Mario Andreatta
Lockers tend to cause more problems than they are worth, said Daniel Barbour.




By Ryley Thompson

Last year, ASK Academy received about 60 donated lockers from Intel, which are located downstairs near the middle school classes. Fifty of those lockers are assigned to the middle school and eight are up for grabs for high school scholars.

ASK founder Daniel Barbour said, “Middle schoolers were my priority, high school scholars that do have a locker have medical reasons or have come to me with a reason that they should have one,” he said. “This is just a temporary fix until we can expand our building space.”

Barbour said the school doesn’t plan on adding any more lockers for the high school because it isn’t something all scholars need. Lockers tend to pose their own problems, he said, such as providing a place to hide contraband, and students finding excuses for getting out of class. “It took a lot of convincing to let them let me put lockers in,” he said. “I’m not pleased with having lockers, but I know it is a necessity.”

Senior Shelby Ostrom said she doesn’t care if she has a locker or not, mainly because the passing periods are too short to get to a locker in between classes. “The only time I ever had a locker was in 8th grade because it was mandatory. Throughout my high school years I’ve never had a locker — we don’t have enough time.”

Many scholars share these same opinions. However, eighth grader Gabi Orr, who uses her locker every day, said that her locker helps her a lot. “I can store what I need in my locker; it cuts down on the amount of stuff that we have to take home.”


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