2DS Recieves Mixed Reviews

October 1, 2013

Culture, Opinion, The Zoetics

By Chris Cordova

The item of contention: the 2DS

The item of contention: the 2DS

The Nintendo 2DS, the newest handheld game console to be released on October 12 by gaming giant Nintendo, has been receiving mixed opinions from fans. Some critics complain the console takes a step back by making a flat, tablet design instead of the usual folding design commonly used in the past. The 2DS also no longer boasts the stereoscopic 3d effects. The Catalyst polled engineering students to get their view on the new console.

Salvatore Mangiacapra

“It’s a good design, and a good deal since some people don’t use 3d.”

Kris Ulibarri

“It’s a waste of money because what is the purpose if there is a 3DS and an XL (a bigger version of the DS)?”

Ethan Webb

Ethan Webb

“DS in general is a rip off. I liked it for a while but they glitch out, lose memory easily, and are easy to lose.”

Leon Gideon

Leon Gideon

“It’s not a bad system how it is, a bit hard to put in a pocket, but that is fine . It’s a good system on its own.”

Oscar Guzman

Oscar Guzman

“It looks weird. Being flat makes it look ugly and old.”

Cruz Vigil

Cruz Vigil

“It is dumb, it’s not a smart design because it does not fold.”

Mekhi Thomas

Mekhi Thomas

“I do not support Nintendo. They went downhill after making the Wii and the Wii U.”

Robert Sedillo

Robert Sedillo

“It is a dumb idea to lay flat; its easier for the screen to break.”

Cecelia Paz

Cecilia Paz

“When I first heard about the 2DS I thought it was a joke.  2DS is basically an overgrown Gameboy advance with a second screen. Although I loved the Gameboy advance, I never liked how they didn’t have a protective screen and when they did it would detach so easily.  Another huge turn off for me is the right and left buttons. They have been placed way at the top of the console and the only real way I see it being used is to hold the device in a very awkward manner or place it on a table to hit the buttons. Also, being called a 2DS is saying that it is exactly like the Nintendo DS.”


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