Creativity Abound at Manic Club

September 16, 2013

The Zoetics

Courtesy of Emina Slavnic Ms. Slavnic's original artwork.

Courtesy of Emina Slavnic
Ms. Slavnic’s original artwork.

By Kirsten Morales

Last Friday 10 scholars gathered around Project Manager Emina Slavnic as she sketched a “Chibi” onto her iPad and projected it onto the board. Students mimicked her drawing and recreated their own on paper. One student laughed and commented that her Chibi looked more like a blob.

Japanese Anime has been popular in American culture for years, and now the students at ASK are getting a chance to improve their drawing skills and learn about Anime culture through Manic, the new anime club on campus.

The student’s first task was a lesson on “Chibi” characters; short, cute, people with big eyes, which are popular among manga fans.

Ms. Slavnic's original drawing.

Ms. Slavnic’s original drawing.

Slavnic has started the club, in which students can learn how to draw, and meet other people with similar interests. The club is not only for people who watch anime or read manga; it’s also for people who want to learn how to draw.

“I like drawing, comics, anime, manga, and pop art. I know many young people do too, so why not get us all together and form a club?” Slavnic said.  “I have seen many students drawing manga, comics, and gaming characters during class – they loved sharing art with me and were fans of many similar shows as me. I saw a need for a club so I started it.”

Since Fridays are usually a day off for scholars, Slavnic says that it is a little difficult to get people to come, although the club currently has about ten members, an impressive number for a new organization.  Manic club has had two meetings so far.  The main focus right now is advertising, Slavnic said.

“Right now [we are working on] announcements, but I’m searching for a poster [to advertise Manic]. I had a cool one, I may have to give up on my search and make a new one. I do this by visiting local comic book stores and asking for free posters,” she said.

Slavnik would like to see scholars create products to share, gift and sell.  She has been working on coming up with fundraisers she can do to collect money for drawing supplies for scholars, as well as creating a logo for the club.

Sophomore Alise Leach says that thus far in Manic, they have watched anime, and have also started learning how to draw.

“If anime is an interest of yours, or you just want to learn how to draw, you should join, it’s awesome,” Leach said. “I’m fairly new to it, but I like it a lot.”

Sophomore Gwen Orr, who has loved anime all her life, said, “You should join because it’s a dang good time, and allows you to use creativity in ways you can’t normally use in school.”

Slavnic said she has been interested in Anime since she was a young child. “There are pictures of me creating cartoons when I was little,” she said. As a child she created animated movies by placing her original drawings between two pencils, and turning the pencils, which moved the images along like a movie reel.

Slavnic wants to make it clear that anime is not just typical cartoons, but an entire art form, one that is difficult and complex. “Cartoons are art and entertainment,” she said, but time and work are involved in making complex anime and Manga. “You’ll just have to come and see yourself,” she said.

Manic Club meets on Friday’s between 12-1 in room 215.

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3 Comments on “Creativity Abound at Manic Club”

  1. Tanner Says:

    This seems like a nice little club


  2. uranis99 Says:

    I really enjoyed the drawing of finn and jack at the top of the article.


  3. James Gonzalez Says:

    Best. Club. Ever.


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