‘Avenged’ Drummer Holds His Own on New Album

September 9, 2013

Culture, The Zoetics

By Austin Reed

Holding the #1 position on the Billboards Rock Charts is the new Avenged Sevenfold album Hail to the King. This album marks a new chapter in the band’s music as it is the first to have their new permanent drummer Arin Ilejay, who replaced deceased drummer, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan.

Arin lives up to the high expectations his predecessor set. Lead singer Matt Shadows said on the band’s YouTube Channel “The difference between this album and the old ones is that this one is bigger and it’s more rift-driven.”

Hail to the King Album Cover

Hail to the King Album Cover

The album has a traditional metal rock ‘n’ roll style that made the band famous, however there are some songs featured on this album that have a much softer, more solemn tone, like the song “Crimson Day.”  Hail to the King opens with the song “Shepherd of Fire,” which has a traditional metal tone reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, while still sounding fresh as the musicians include the use of war drums and a fog horn-like sound to bring about a heavier feel that is sure to make any rock fan hooked on the album

“Requiem” is a track reminiscent of the original Avenged Sevenfold sound, beginning with a Latin chant the band is known for using. As the song progresses, lead guitarist Synester Gates emphasizes his guitar skills with a solo that would make Eddie van Halen proud.

The bonus track featured on the deluxe edition is one of the more developed tracks, the song “St. James” is about the band’s former drummer and in the words of Matt Shadows, “ Is a celebration of Jimmy “the Rev” Sullivan’s heart and color, and should be listened to with your favorite beverage.”

Whether you are an old Avenged fan, or this is your first time listening, Hail to the King will not disappoint.



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6 Comments on “‘Avenged’ Drummer Holds His Own on New Album”

  1. Caleb Roche Says:

    Cant wait for there new album.


  2. Cory Jenkins Says:

    This Is War is one of the best songs on that album


  3. sonicninja34 Says:

    The album in general was amazing, sheperd of fire was one of my favorites


  4. Bryah Says:

    Great article Austin:) Great album also:)


  5. Hot Sauce Bottle Says:

    I found this article offensive. I hate this type of music. I don’t know you but I am from the internet and the internet always has mean stuff to say.


  6. Tommy Says:

    I like Power Rangers


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