Hot-Lunch Program Fizzles Again

August 28, 2013


By Kirsten Morales

— After two weeks of having hot lunch available on campus, the program has been pulled. The catering company supplying the meals, AKayTahRing, has decided to stop the lunch program at ASK at the end of this week. Project Manager Paul Stephenson said “Lack of interest from scholars,” was the reason behind the cancellation.

Stephenson said the catering company required a certain amount of scholars to participate in the program in order to cover the operating costs, and when the money wasn’t coming in from scholars, the school was expected to pay those fees.  “We were having to pay for what wasn’t being bought, which was around $500 a week,”  Stephenson said.

He felt that the school communicated the program well to the student body, so he wasn’t sure why scholars weren’t purchasing the lunches. The message was clear,  Stephenson said, that the majority of students were not interested in the program, and instead preferred to bring meals from home or go off campus.

This is one of several attempts to provide an on-campus hot lunch program; Stephenson doesn’t think another attempt will occur.  For families that have already pre-ordered lunches for their scholars, money will be refunded by the company, Stephenson said.

Middle schoolers, who are not allowed to eat off campus, are going to have to bring lunches from home. Most charter schools are not required to provide lunch for students, Stephenson said.


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9 Comments on “Hot-Lunch Program Fizzles Again”

  1. Luke Hall Says:



  2. Andres C. Says:

    Well that sucks for the people who don’t bring lunch and the people who are hungry.


  3. David Says:

    I honestly didn’t think that it was going to work, so i guess it makes sense.


  4. Quinn Says:

    I think the main reason is because the scholars like to go off campus instead of eating at the school. I’m not totally sure why the middle schooler’s hadn’t gotten hot lunch though, they cant go off the campus for hot lunch. Plus people could just bring frozen food and re-heat it. Which is technically “hot lunch”.


  5. Justice Says:

    Ah 😭, I was going to start getting the catered lunch at the start of September. Well, now we will all have a moment of silence in honor of the beloved food station that so captured our gase as we passed holding our sad little hot pockets. We will miss the mid 20 year old server that entertained our periferal vission as he head-bobbed to a song that no one knows. Ode to the wasted food that no one bought, ode to the surver guy, ode to the school that paid $500 dollars in left overs. We will always hold this dear to our hearts. So long, adios, tscüß and happy trails.


  6. Angelica Anaya Says:

    I think the reason for the lack in interest from scholars was because it was the same as last year. The food portions are not big enough to satisfy someone when hungry, especially not a high school student. Another problem is that the food doesn’t taste good either; in other words students get to eat not enough gross food. However, I do think that it is a good idea for the school to provide lunch, but the lunch should be appetizing. Hopefully in the future students can be provided with a more tasteful and well proportioned meal that allows them to stay on campus during lunch.


  7. Batman Says:

    i think, too, that the proportions weren’t big enough.



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