The Catalyst Goes Live, Brings ASK News to Student Body

August 27, 2013


The scholars of the 3rd period writing class are proud to present The Catalyst — the scholar-driven news source for the Academy.

ASK Academy can often times be a dark place – very active – yet the inhabitants can be blind to much of the events, announcements, and happenings. I know several kids missed out on a jeans day simply because word didn’t get out. “Freshman trip? What trip?” “SBA testing is when?!” None of that is going to happen anymore. The Catalyst will supply scholars everything they could possibly want to know about the Academy.

Not only will The Catalyst have informative articles, but it will feature columns about students, project managers and other interesting extras. However, if you want to know who Kelsey is crushing on, ask someone else – we’re not that kind of publication. The various areas of interest we’ll cover are News, ASK Culture (students interviews and such), Activities, which will explain the status of clubs such as Robotics and Hands and Feet, as well as trips. There’s also an opinion section that will include a variety of columns from both scholars and project managers.

The Catalyst is new and might need a little help getting into the groove. Please, we’re all ears – we’re not the kind of publication that thinks anybody not writing for us is stupid. None of us are that pretentious (except Ms. Del Curto, but we’ve got that under control). If you want to see something covered, have any ideas about how the site should be run, or best of all, want to write something for us, please feel free. After all, we’re making this for you. We want it tailored to your liking.

Speaking of Ms. Del Curto – a big thanks to her for giving us the opportunity to create this website.

We hope to update as much as we can, so stop by frequently. Thanks.

Jordan Hines


The Catalyst 


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2 Comments on “The Catalyst Goes Live, Brings ASK News to Student Body”

  1. Aundrea Connolly Says:

    The Catalyst is really looking good so far! Way to go scholars!…and Ms. Del Curto



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