Planning a Junior Camping Trip is Proving Difficult, Scholars Say

August 27, 2013

The Zoetics

By Charis Mote

— Last May a proposal was made to let the juniors of the ASK Academy have their own camping trip. Because of a small staff and budget issues, ASK  typically offers a  school trip for freshman and sophomores only. This year, the junior class decided to take it into their own hands and plan one themselves.

Junior Kenny Snyder is heading up the plans. “The freshman and sophomores get their own trip, and last year’s juniors just complained,” he said. “We wanted to do something about it.”

Planning a trip for an entire class is proving to be harder than expected, Snyder said. “Food is the hardest thing we had to figure out. Food is not cheap, and it’s hard to find funding to be able to purchase the food we are going to need. That’s the main thing that’s holding the trip back from happening.”

Project Manager Karen Pierce said it’s not just the food; it’s the lack of planning on the juniors’ part. “The juniors need to get off their butts and plan it,” she said. “I am not going to do it for them. If they want it, they have to plan it.”

Snyder said if the trip does happen, he hopes to go to the Jemez Mountains, near Seven Springs and Seven Springs Hatchery.  His family owns property in the area, so the camping fees would be waived. “I think a lot of people would enjoy it,” he said.

Activities would include nature observations, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities, Snyder said.

The original approved time period of the trip had been for set for September 5, however, Pierce said she has not received any updated plans for approval. As of now, the school is not sponsoring a junior trip.

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