Parking Lot Woes Lessen as Weeks Go On

August 27, 2013


By Briana Hendrix

— The backup of traffic can make driving to and from school a pain. As parents start showing up at the end of the school day to get their scholars, the line of cars extends out of The ASK Academy parking lot. This buildup of cars blocks the road and slows down the traffic.

Brennan Divett, Project Manager at ASK, is in charge of the after-school crosswalk. “I think it’s a problem but I think considering the limited space we have we manage it pretty well, as long as people are following the markings it flows pretty well.”

The first few days of school were the worst when it came to the back up of traffic, but once parents got used to it,  the afternoon pick-up ran much smoother.

Sandy Bertola, the grandmother of an 8th grade Scholar said “things are better because people figured it out.”

Traffic flow seems to be improving as the school year progresses, although some parents believe more can be done to assist. Bobby Stevens, the mother of an ASK scholar believes the new parents were not properly informed about the pick-up and drop-off system. “New parents need to be addressed individually,” she said.

While most parents choose to wait in line in The ASK Academy parking lot, others have decided to meet their scholar off campus. This has lessened the amount of traffic in the main lot. Edward Garcia, project manager at ASK said, “I think parents worked out different pick up locations for their kids.”

For the scholars who drive themselves to school, there is a new fee this year. In previous years the ASK scholar parking permit was free, this school year there is a $15 fee to obtain a parking permit. Those students who drive to school don’t know what the parking permit money is going toward.

Sierra Strebe a senior who is attending ASK for her second year said, “I didn’t really understand the purpose of it. I don’t know if it’s to give to the Italian-American Association or to help our school.” Other students are less accepting of the new permit price; some say the price is ridiculous.

Daniel Barbour, a director at The ASK Academy said scholar’s don’t realize how the fees can add up.  “For one, we need to order the stickers; two, that money goes back into the transportation fund which helps fund class field trips.” He also said, “Parking permits are a very important part of having scholars drive to school; it’s imperative that the scholars understand that a current license, insurance and registration are required to drive.”

The ASK Academy parking lots are being regularly checked and administration is looking to see that all cars are registered. Those students who knowingly choose not to register their cars with the school are putting themselves at risk of losing the privilege of driving to school. Knowing which cars belong to which scholar contributes to the overall safety of the school. Barbour said as the school year progresses, these policies will be enforced more strictly.


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One Comment on “Parking Lot Woes Lessen as Weeks Go On”

  1. Sierra Strebe Says:

    I love our school!


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