Governing Body Lackluster This Year

August 27, 2013

The Zoetics

By Jordan Hines

— Student council has been in place since the beginning of the Academy, and has proven to be a vital part of the school. However, so far this year there is an absence of any scholar-led governing. This is largely due to the fact that of the eight scholars participating last year, six have graduated. Without only two remaining members will the council be able to rise again and stay afloat?

Last year senior scholar Austin Reed was the president of the council. He said he has a strong belief in the significance of the council, but had trouble with it in the past  because the majority of the members were seniors. These members were focused on planning an exceptional senior trip, he said. Having been a junior at the time, he didn’t feel he could contribute as much as he would have if more time were spent on other school issues. Due to this, he said he took a hiatus from the group.

Reed said he would be willing to join again. However, can there be a student council with only two members? Not likely, but Reed plans on taking leadership in bringing the student council back. Reed says the council is in what he calls a “revival stage.”

“I’m going to start going out to get people to join in. I’m going to talk to Mr. Garcia, let him know we’re getting started up again,” he said.

History Project Manager Edward Garcia was the faculty advisor of the student council in previous years. He expressed how important the organization is. “When it’s set up right, it can hear the voices of the students, meet needs of the students, and relay information to administration. Students need to feel like they have a voice in the everyday processes of the building,” he said.

When sophomore Gwen Orr, one of the two remaining members, was asked if she’d join again this year, she responded with enthusiasm. “I like having a little bit of power, having someone that will listen to you.”

Despite his retreat last year, Reed shows a distinct devotion and eagerness about getting the council not just running again, but smoother than ever before. High goals are set for the future. Austin hopes the council will organize new activities around the school such as ordering Dion’s for the student body every week, and recreational sports programs — similar to the dodge ball competition the organization Hands and Feet put on last year.

Mr. Garcia thinks the student council should organize campus activities and address questions from scholars about uniform policy, jean days, holiday events, and Research In Action. Garcia also spoke about a neat project the council started working on, but never got off the ground. “There’s a closet space directly across the hall from Miss Connie’s office that they were going to set up for a school store that would have been open pretty much throughout the day,” he said.  Unfortunately, due to state  testing, finding the time to keep it open, and funds to start it up, the bright idea never became a reality.

The student council may be gone, but it is far from dead. All that is needed now is scholars and their voices. Reed sends this message out to those interested in joining.

“We need representatives. It’s our way of not only giving back to the school, but to communicate how we feel about things, and what we can do to make the school better,” he said.

For more information, contact Austin Reed at

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