Purchase of New Building Off to Slippery Start

August 27, 2013


By Ryley Thompson

Blueprint of the Stephanie Building Photo by Ryley Thompson

Blueprint of the Stephanie Building
(Click to Enlarge)
Photo by Ryley Thompson

— Purchasing the building at 1558 Stephanie Road has proven to be more difficult than The ASK Academy administration anticipated.

According to Connie Dove, Director of Advancement at the Academy, the plan was to buy the Stephanie building last year, in order to make up for the rapid expansion of the population at the school.

The middle school, which is now up and running, was supposed to relocate into the new building before the 2013 school year. However, purchasing the Stephanie building has not been easy. The school is leasing the current location, and Dove said the goal is that all charter schools must be in permanent buildings by 2015, due to financial and economic reasons. The challenge to this is finding a building with enough space.

According to the New Mexico Bateman Act, Section 6-6-11, local charter schools may not be indebted or contract any debts that the school cannot pay back by the end of the current academic year. If any school fails to follow these rules and regulations of this section, they can be charged with a misdemeanor. In order to purchase the Stephanie Building across the parking lot, the Academy board must first purchase the current building on Sarah Road.

The owner of the Sarah building has moved out of state, resulting in the ASK Board having to work with the bank directly to try and buy and sign over the bond transaction. Dove said that Wells Fargo Bank has been working hard to do so, and has been helpful in this process. Although the purchase is not yet complete, the staff and other parties are to make this happen.

The lack of space has created some minor issues on campus. Students no longer have a large Commons to eat and gather in, and because the newly constructed classrooms in the Commons were created from dividers, not actual walls, teachers are struggling to silence their students in the noisy atmosphere.

Jessica Del Curto, Manager at the ASK Academy, said she fights Mrs. Shimada’s neighboring class for silence and attention during 5th and 6th period. General Manager Pam Correa, said, “This is a growing experience for mangers as well as scholars.”

Not only has the school added two new grades, it has also expanded the high school quite a bit. Dove said once the school acquires the Stephanie building, space will be the biggest benefit for the school.

The entire middle school is expected to move into the new building, along with an addition of a new gym, engineer classrooms, and science labs. Returning students to the ASK Academy may be wondering about the location of ReCon, which was held in the Commons in past years. It is still unknown where it will be held this year. Dove said we can possibly expect to walk from room-to-room for ReCon if we have not yet purchased the building at that time.



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7 Comments on “Purchase of New Building Off to Slippery Start”

  1. Jordin Tafoya Says:

    That will be cool when we get the new building but what is ReCon?


  2. Michael Says:

    So the building will be used for classes?


  3. Rhianna Says:

    I think not room would help to find more places to eat lunch.


  4. Ryan O'Hara Says:

    Did you mean 4th and 5th period.


  5. Cory Jenkins Says:

    My friends dad was one of the contractors hired to set up the Stephanie building so I found out that the building wasn’t going to be finished before school started and I could not figure out how we would fit both middle school and high schoolers in one building.


  6. blade112345 Says:

    When are we getting the new building. The school keep saying different thing. Some say that we are going to get it at the end of the first semester but, other say we will get the building until next school year.



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