ASK Hits the Clubs, Appeals to Special Interests

August 27, 2013

The Zoetics

By Chris Cordova

— There are numerous clubs being hosted at The ASK Academy that range from building robots to going on casual runs in the mesa. Here are some on-campus organizations that might spark your interest.

Photo by Jordan Hines Members of the Running Club finish out their two-mile run around campus.

Photo By Jordan Hines
Members of the Running Club finish out their two-mile run around campus.

Robotics Club:

Robotics is a club in which you explore and get a chance to build robots for both competition and for fun. The club is sponsored by project manager Ray Nance and meets on Tuesdays from 4-5p.m. in room 104, and is open to everyone. Contact Mr. Nance at

Running Club:

In running club you have the opportunity to participate in after school runs with Ms. Del Curto. Exercise can lead to academic improvement and a healthier, happier life. The club meets on Wednesdays and Thursdays in room 203a at 4 p.m., and usually goes for an hour. The jogs are anywhere between one to three miles, and afterward circuit training will occur in the Commons. Contact Ms. Del Curto at

Debate Team:

Debate team is an international club in which scholars’ debate against fellow scholars and other schools. There are different debates in which the club participates in, such as policy debates, and courtroom trials with scripts. Scholars will develop skills in acting and debating. The club meets on Tuesdays after school in room 203B. It is run by New Mexico lawyer Rob Mead and sponsored by Ms. Shimada. Contact Ms. Shimada at

Hands & Feet club:

The Hands and Feet Club is a Christian organization on campus created to spread the word and to help fundraise for the campus. No activities are planned yet, but past activities include service projects, physical activities such as dodge ball tournaments, and fundraisers. The club meets after school in room 217. No specific day has been chosen. Contact Jake Lutz at

Archery club:

Archery club is a soon-to-be-starting club in which scholars learn strategies to properly shoot a bow. Scholars will also participate in strength training and participate in competitions at a national level. The club meets 2 days a week before school and will start in the near future. Contact Dr. Osmond at

Dance Committee

Dance committee is a club in which members plan, decorate, and set up school dances. The club also includes fundraising to help pay for the dances. The committee aims to create a night to remember for every scholar. The club is hosted by Cheyenne Duddy and meetings are on Monday after school. Contact Cheyenne at

Manic club

Manic Club is a group for people who like anime, manga, comics, sci-fi, or anything and everything geeky. The goal of the club is to express creativity. Scholars will learn to draw, analyze, and create illustrations. Can’t draw? Come and hang out and read Manga with Ms. Slavnic and other members.  The club meets on Fridays  at 9 a.m. and goes for about an hour. Contact Ms. Slavnic at


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3 Comments on “ASK Hits the Clubs, Appeals to Special Interests”

  1. leon gideon Says:

    clubs are an awesome way to make friends and to have fun


  2. chris cordova Says:

    great article ill definitely check out some of these clubs


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